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Connection of WB & A Trail and New Carrollton Metro Station to DC and Regional Bicycle Network

The WB & A Trail is a rail-trail in the northeastern area of Prince George's County. The northern terminus of the trail will connect to Baltimore & Annapolis Trail. This trail is also part of the East Coast Greenway route. WABA wants to see this trail connected to the District of Columbia and the New Carrollton Metro Station as it will provide a safe and dedicated bicycle facility for Prince George's County residents to access transit, jobs and schools.

Prince George’s County Connector Trail

The Prince George’s County Connector Trail, which extends from the District line to the West Hyattsville Metro is a critical component in the regional trail network.  The Connector trail will link up to the future Metropolitan Branch Trail in Washington DC and provide non-motorized access from the Anacostia Tributaries trail network to the District of Columbia.  Initially, the land necessary for trail construction was to be obtained through an easement with the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority.  However, it is now our understanding that Shoppers Food Warehouse seeks to acquire the land expand its operations.  If this easement does go through Shoppers Food Warehouse should be required to construct the Connector Trail as well as a new soccer field as proposed by the Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation.

Anacostia River Trail

As with the PG Connector, the Anacostia River Trail extension from its current terminus south to the Bladensburg Marina is a small investment that will reap enormous gains.  By extending the Anacostia River Trail south, it will connect directly to the future Anacostia Riverwalk and Trail planned for the District of Columbia.  Design work on the trail extension is on hold as the Maryland State Highway Administration decides on remediation measures in the area.  We encourage Park and Planning to watch this project closely so that any remediation includes the Anacostia River Trail.

Henson Creek Trail Extension

$450,000 in funding for the design and construction of the Henson Creek Trail has already been allocated and trail design is set to begin soon.  This design work must be completed quickly so that an application for federal matching funds can be submitted by March 1, 2007.  It appears that good progress is being made, with a design consultant selected.  We encourage MNCPPC-PG to set fund asides for addition construction of this important trail project and to ensure that design of the trail moves forward quickly so that federal funding sources can be captured.

Direct Connection of National Harbor and Woodrow Wilson Bridge to DC

The recent completion of the Bike Trail on Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge of the Capital Beltway provide an important link between Maryland and Virginia for bicyclists. The western end of the bridge trail connects to the Mount Vernon Trail and other regional bikeways. The eastern end of the trail does not connect directly to the regional network, most specifically the Oxon Cove Trail. A direct connection of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail to the regional bicycle network including a connection to the District of Columbia is an important link that must be complete. This connection must be a dedicated bicycle facility such as a multi-use path with strong wayfinding.

Hiring of County Bicycle Coordinator

Prince George's County must hire a full-time Bicycle Coordinator to oversee the county's bicycle program. The staff member would assist in planning and implementation of bicycle facilities, secure funding for bicycle encouragement programs and safety education programs and promote bicycling in the county. This position is vital to the growth of bicycling in the county.


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College Park Area Bicycle Coalition
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The Bicycle and Trails Advisory Group (BTAG)
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MD State Bike Coordinator
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