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Pace Car Program

Welcome to the DC Neighborhood Pace Car Program

The DC Neighborhood Pace Car Program encourages residents to take responsibility for the impact of their own driving while setting the “pace” for safer streets and neighborhoods.

How does it work?

The concept is simple! Interested DC residents sign a pledge to drive safely, courteously, and within the posted speed limit on our city streets and receive an official “DC Neighborhood Pace Car” sticker to display on their vehicles.

The Purpose of the Program

  • To encourage drivers to drive the legal speed limit on neighborhood streets;
  • To encourage driver awareness of the neighborhoods and not just the road through the neighborhoods;
  • To raise awareness that motorists share the roads with people walking and cyclists, and to promote courteous habits.

The Pace Car sticker shows other drivers that you, as a resident, are taking part in a community-based effort to set the pace for safer and more enjoyable neighborhood streets.

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Driver Pledge

Driver Pledge

1. I will drive within the posted speed limit on city streets.

2. I’ll treat people walking and bicycling with respect and will share the road safely with them.

3. I'll give myself enough travel time so that I'm not sacrificing courtesy or safety.

4. I will not be pressured by others' impatience to drive above the posted speed limit.

5. I’ll display the PACE CAR sticker on my vehicle, and encourage others to join!



WABA is pleased to partner with DDOT in this very important community safety project.