Get Involved

We can't do this alone. We need people like you to get involved and support our organization. Learn about all of the ways to get involved with the Washington Area Bicyclist Assocation!

1) Become a Member!


This is the number one way to get involved with WABA. Members are the life of our organization. WABA members tell our story, get their friends involved, join us at events, read our blog and support our advocacy issues. They also get a complete package of awesome benefits. Learn more about membership and join WABA today!

2) Volunteer

We are in a constant need of enthusasic volunteers to help deliver our program. Volunteers at WABA help with our bike valet program, large events, the DC bike ambassador program, in the office and much more. We definitely appreciate the help. Learn more about volunteering!

3) Get our Emails

We will keep you up-to-date with upcoming events such as Bike to Work Day, opportunities to volunteer and all of our advocacy efforts. Receiving our emails keeps you in the know and plugged into all things WABA. Learn more about our emails and sign up!

4) Be Social with Us!

Life moves fast in the bicycle advocacy world. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and our blog, Quick Release, consistantly documenting advocacy issues, promoting our upcoming events, telling you about bicycle safety education opportunities and so much. If you want to know what is happening at WABA, get social with us!



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