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Some Scenes From Crystal City’s Bike to Work Day
Washingtonian – May, 2017

3 Things to check before you hop on your bike
WTOP – May, 2017
Learn how to get ready for biking season with some basic maintenance and

Here are some tips for navigating Metro’s SafeTrack Surge No. 15
Washington Post – May, 2017
This surge will shut down five Orange Line stations. Here are some travel

Cyclists Hit the Streets Sunday for DC Bike Ride
NBC4 – May, 2017
The one day of the year bicyclists can get views of D.C. normally reserved
for cars returns Sunday.

6 Tips to Stay Safe When You Bike in DC
NBC4 – May, 2017
DC Bike Ride returns for its second year on Sunday. As the weather gets
nicer, use your bike to get in some exercise — but stay safe while doing

The Complete Guide to Safe Cycling in the City
CityLab – May, 2017
Here’s how to handle whatever the road may throw at you.

Plan for Continuous Washington Blvd Bike Lanes Nixed – June, 2017
A proposal to add bike lanes to a western portion of Washington Blvd has
been shelved after neighbors raised concerns at losing on-street parking
spaces. A spokesman for the county’s department of environmental services
said that after previously considering a nearly two-mile stretch of bike

The DC Region’s Top Five Family-Friendly Bike Rides
WTOP – April, 2017
Spring is here! Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) is here to
bring you five of the most family-friendly bike rides in the DC region.

car2go NA Pledges Full Support For “”Vision Zero”” Road Safety Initiative
Yahoo Finance – March, 2017
“car2go is deeply committed to road safety and can play a major role in
helping to achieve Vision Zero’s objective of eliminating road fatalities,””
said Paul DeLong, CEO of car2go NA.”

Mayor Bowser says reducing traffic fatalities is a regional issue everyone
can support

Washington Post – March, 2017
Bowser says the “zero” traffic fatalities goal is reachable with steadfast
commitment and strategies for enforcement, public education and street

How Is D.C. Doing One Year Into ‘Vision Zero’ Plan To Eliminate Roadway
Fatalities? | WAMU

WAMU – March, 2017
A 66-page report from D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser details an array of
initiatives by multiple city agencies – 25 offices and departments in all –
tasked with eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2024.

Blueberry Soup Fuels Bikers at The House of Sweden
Georgetown Dish – March, 2017
On Sunday, March 19, the House of Sweden hosted the Washington Area Bicyclist Association for their 15th annual Vasa Ride. This lively WABAtribute to the renownd annual 90 K Swedish Vasaloppet Cross Country Ski Race, uses bicycles instead.

Is Maryland Sacrificing Safety To Shorter Commute Times?
WAMU – March, 2017
Pedestrian and bicycling safety advocates are charging Maryland lawmakers and state transportation officials with putting motorists’ convenience over
public safety.

D.C. scraps plan for $1,000 speeding ticket. It’ll only cost you $500.
Washington Post – January, 2017
District transportation officials have revised their proposal for new and
increased fines that target the “dangerous behavior” of motorists, cyclists
and pedestrians.

Is biking stressing you out? Here’s how planners are trying to make things

Washington Post – January, 2017
New maps of “traffic stress” data in Washington are being used to make
bike-riding feel safer.

President Trump’s inaugural walk will be along a bike path
PRI – January, 2017
Donald Trump really hasn’t said much about cycling.

Traffic Safety Workshop Planned at Mount Pleasant Library
Borderstan – December, 2016
The Washington Area Bicyclist Association wants to help you stay alive
while walking, biking or driving on District streets.

Maryland plans to add more bike cars to MARC commuter trains
Washington Post – December, 2016
The state is retrofitting some trains to allow daily commuters to bring
full-size bikes aboard.

More MARC riders may soon be hauling bikes
Frederick News Post – December, 2016
Traveling with a bike from Baltimore to downtown Washington, D.C., could
become a lot easier next year for riders of Maryland’s MARC commuter trains.

2016 Brought Cyclists New Laws, Trails, Bikeshare Stations, and

City Paper – December, 2016
Sneaky advances amid a year of setbacks

DC’s Bike Lanes Are Improving Your Commute, Your Health, and Your Social

Thrillist – November, 2016
Two-wheel your way around gridlock.

Montgomery Co. looks to boost safety on Capital Crescent Trail
WTOP – November, 2016
A fatal crash on the Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda has Montgomery
County park engineers examining a variety of ideas to boost safety.

D.C. Council advances three-strikes distracted-driving measure
Washington Post – October, 2016
The law would make D.C.’s penalties among the toughest in the country, but
it faces challenges.

DC Mayor Signs Act Allowing Cyclists to Sue Drivers
NBC Washington – October, 2016
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser signed a bill today expanding the rights of
cyclists and pedestrians involved in accidents with motorists.

New group’s mission: Connect DC-area trails
WTOP – October, 2016
A new coalition is working to make biking around the D.C. area easier in
the future by helping form connections between the region’s trail.

6 Things You Need To Know About Cycling On The Sidewalk
NPR – October, 2016
People can be found riding bicycles on sidewalks around the country. But
should sidewalks double as bike lanes?

Park Service warns bikers, walkers to steer clear of Beach Drive
construction zone

WTOP – October, 2016
As crews rip up pavement and put new pipes in trenches, the National Park
Service is warning people to stay out of the long-term construction zone.

Here’s one bicyclist’s low-tech life hack to keep cars at bay
Washington Post – October, 2016
A Toronto cyclist says the noodle contraption helps him stake his legal
space to the road.

D.C. Council Unanimously Passes Bike and Pedestrian Safety Bill Without

City Paper – October, 2016
It’s another step toward increasing the chances that victims of crashes can
be compensated.

DC Cyclists Call for Safer Roads
NBC Washington – September, 2016
D.C. cyclists face many dangerous challenges while cycling and are calling
for better understanding between themselves and drivers.

Cyclists Triggering Red Light Cameras But Won’t Get Tickets
NBC Washington – August, 2016
Bicyclists triggered red light cameras in the District more than 1,500
times since 2015 according to recent statistics, but those cyclists will
never have to pay a ticket because the city has no way to identify…

U.S. Cities Want To Totally End Traffic Deaths–But There Have Been A Few
Speed Bumps

FastCoExist – August, 2016
U.S. cities have eagerly embraced the Vision Zero plan for a safety-focused
redesign of city streets. But reaching the final goal will require…

Bike group offers way around next SafeTrack surge
Washington Post – August, 2016
On Saturday, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association will take Red Line
commuters on a test ride that would get them around next week’s disruption
between the Shady Grove and Twinbrook stations.

No charges in fatal bicycle crash that claimed the life of retired Navy Seal
WJLA – November, 2015
Area cyclists are calling for change after a crash that killed a retired Navy SEAL. That’s because the driver cited in the crash, escaped with only a fine.

Cyclists Question Decision Not to Press Criminal Charges Against Driver Who Hit, Killed Bethesda Bicyclist
Bethesda Magazine – November, 2015
22-year-old Ricardo Freeman faces traffic violations, not criminal charges for Aug. 28 collision that killed Tim Holden.

Why The Fight Over A Bike Lane In Shaw Isn’t About Biking
WAMU 88.5 – November, 2015
To cycling advocates, and to the District Department of Transportation, bike lanes are about safety — just the same as a crosswalk or stop sign. But in D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood, a proposed bike lane is sparking heated debates about race, economics and displacement.

Are electric bikes the wheels of the future or just the new Segways?
Washington Post – November, 2015
Powered bicycles are more than 100 years old, but changing views on commuting are revving up a revival.

Why are bike lanes such heated symbols of gentrification?
Washington Post – November, 2015
Throughout the country, bike lanes have been met with resistance, representing changes and new wealth in urban communities.

Are electric bikes the wheels of the future or just the new Segways?
Washington Post – November, 2015
Powered bicycles are more than 100 years old, but changing views on commuting are revving up a revival.

Yield at a Stop Sign? Law for Cyclists May Change
NBC4 Washington – November, 2015
Cyclists in D.C. would be allowed to treat stop signs like yield signs when there is no nearby traffic under a traffic safety bill being considered by District council.

Hill Makes Pitch for Protected Bike Lanes
Hill Blotter – November, 2015
The commute could get a little easier for cyclists who trek between Union Station and Capitol Hill

Bethesda Residents ‘Take to the Streets’ to Ask For Lower Speed Limits, Crosswalk Lights
Bethesda Magazine – November, 2015
After a cyclist and pedestrian were killed recently on Bethesda roads, residents are pushing the State Highway Administration to make changes.

DC’s Latest Bike Lane Fight Is Not About Bikes
Washingtonian – October, 2015
A plan to run a bike lane through Shaw has stripped bare socioeconomic tensions that have been simmering for years.

Can some big D.C. churches fight off a bike lane? They are bringing large crowds to try.
Washington Post – October, 2015
The city is proposing to build a bike lane in front of a prominent church that could reduce parking spaces.

Church members, bicyclists clash over proposed DC bike lane
Fox 5 DC – October, 2015
A heated meeting was held in the District over a new bike lane project that would connect the Shaw neighborhood to downtown. But a local church opposes the project saying it infringes on their constitutional rights.

Is This Bike Lane Infringing on Religious Freedoms?
Bicycling Magazine – October, 2015

Cyclists vs. church goers in recent bike lane battle in Northwest, D.C.
WJLA – October, 2015

Do Bike Helmet Laws Do More Harm Than Good?
The Wall Street Journal – October, 2015
Some cycling advocates argue that helmet regulations, even if they’re well-intentioned, can create long-term health problems.

Crash Zones: Mapping the District’s Bike Crashes
NBC4 Washington – October, 2015
The News4 I-Team mapped more than 1600 accidents between motor vehicles and bikes in the District since 2013 using Metropolitan Police Department records

For D.C. Second-Graders, It’s All About The Bikes – October, 2015
To the three Rs, the schools in the nation’s capital have added a fourth: Riding. Bicycles, that is.

Capital Bikeshare Will Expand in Montgomery County
Washingtonian – September, 2015
Larry Hogan is giving money to transportation modes other than cars.

D.C. schools aim to teach children how to ride bikes
Washington Post – September, 2015
An initiative give biking lessons to second graders will provide a useful, lifelong skill.

All D.C. public school students will learn to ride a bike in second grade
Washington Post – September, 2015
The District wants to make sure that students in all parts of the city learn the lifelong skill, one that many people take for granted.

Washington DC Public Schools Are Teaching Second Graders Something Amazing
POPSUGAR Moms – September, 2015

D.C. officials take fact-finding mission to city’s most dangerous intersections (Map)
WTOP – September, 2015
WASHINGTON — District officials have been pounding the pavement, visiting the most dangerous intersections in the city as part of a fact-finding mission.

Trail Rangers’ Help Foster Feeling of Safety on D.C. Bike Trails
CBS DC – August, 2015
Trail Rangers are trying to help foster a feeling of safety on D.C.’s bike trails.

A conversation with WABA about biking in Washington
Washington Post – August, 2015
Greg Billing, the new executive director of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, talks about making Washington a more bike-friendly city with investments in bike infrastructure and greater enforcement of traffic laws to reduce collisions.

With more people biking, local governments are trying to make it easier
WTOP – August, 2015
WASHINGTON — Area planners say that cycling as a way to get from point A to point B is becoming so integral to the way that D.C.-area residents get around, that including bike infrastructure in master…

D.C. Lacks The Crash Data It Needs To Pursue ‘Vision Zero’
WAMU 88.5 – August, 2015
“I’d never been hit by a car before.” Alex Keckeisen commutes 24 miles round-trip on his bicycle, decked out in cycling apparel and helmet.

Amid Robberies, DDOT Will Install Mile Markers On The Metropolitan Branch Trail
DCist – August, 2015
So that dispatchers can know exactly where to send help.

D.C. Commuter Bike Trail Plagued By Crime to Get Safer With Addition of Mile Markers
CBS Radio – July, 2015
A popular commuter biking trail will soon be easier to navigate for cyclists and first responders.

DDOT: Mile markers to be placed on Metropolitan Branch Trail ‘within one month’
Fox 5 DC – July, 2015
After several muggings on the Metropolitan Branch Trail, D.C. officials promised new mile markers would be placed along the trail earlier this month. But on Tuesday, we checked several places along…

What’s Down The Road For Biking In D.C.?
WAMU 88.5 – July, 2015
Metro Connection Segments D.C.’s Once Segregated Public Pools are More Mixed, But for How Long? Are 100-Pound Catfish Coming To The Potomac Or Are They Already Here? The National Theatre Pr

Capitol Bike Accident Reveals Bikers’ Challenges in D.C.
Hill Blotter – July, 2015
A recent Capitol bike accident revealed broader challenges bikers face in the District of Columbia.

Capital Crescent Trail Congestion
Bethesda Magazine – July, 2015
The popularity of the trail has created safety concerns

‘It’s Like Riding a Bike’ Means Nothing to These Adults Trying to Learn
The Wall Street Journal – July, 2015
Even as cycling swells in popularity as a mode of transportation, it turns out many adults, especially younger ones, never learned to ride. Beginner courses aim to help adults learn to ride a bike.

Forging a safer path for pedestrians in the District
Washington Post – July, 2015
All Walks DC, a nonprofit group, advocates the safety of those who travel the city on foot.

Illegal U-turns across Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes growing safety concern
WTOP – May, 2015
WASHINGTON — The month of May is filled with bike-related events: Bike to School Day, Bike to Work Day and it’s National Bike Month. But some area cyclists complain that instead of feeling encouraged to…

Why Is It So Hard to Get Across U.S. Cities Using Only Bike Lanes?
NextCity – April, 2015
We asked several cities to explain their fragmented lanes.

Map: The Most Dangerous Intersections in D.C.
Washington City Paper – March, 2015
There were 2,013 reported pedestrian and bicyclist collisions in 2014.

Brightest Young Things – March, 2015
Meet the 2014 Bike Advocate Of The Year.

D.C. Commits to “Vision Zero”
Washington City Paper – March, 2015
The Bowser administration is in the process of creating a plan to end traffic deaths.

Bike advocates underwhelmed by D.C.’s plans to add bikeways
WTOP – February, 2015
WASHINGTON — Fans of commuting on two wheels will have a few more route options to traverse through the city. The District’s Department of Transportation is adding nearly 7 miles of bike ways to the…

You’re thinking about fitness all wrong
Washington Post – January, 2015
If your diet and exercise resolutions are a failure, one philosopher suggests changing your mind-set.

Courtland Milloy Wants Cyclists to Have Their Own Roads, so Let’s Build a Bike Highway
Washingtonian – January, 2015
The Washington Post’s resident anti-bike nag says cyclists should leave the streets to drivers like him.

Give bicyclists their own roads
Washington Post – January, 2015
If you are pedaling two wheels in D.C., you deserve a network of trails safe from cars.

Business, transit groups seek change in MoCo transportation mindset
Washington Business Journal – December, 2014
Business and transit groups called for a changes in how Montgomery County views its transportation policies, as the county hunts for a new chief for its Department of Transportation,

New Protected Bike Lane in Bethesda Gives Riders a “Cycle Track”
Montgomery Community Media – December, 2014
Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett has announced that the Montgomery County Department of Transportation’s Division of Transportation Engineering has completed the county’s first protected bike lane — also referred to as a “cycle track.” The on-road bike lane that is about 1,500 feet

New Protected Bike Lane in Bethesda Gives Riders a “Cycle Track”
Montgomery Community Media – December, 2014
Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett has announced that the Montgomery County Department of Transportation’s Division of Transportation Engineering has completed the county’s first protected bike lane — also referred to as a “cycle track.” The on-road bike lane that is about 1,500 feet

D.C. Council proposal to protect bicylists, pedestrians dies in committee
Washington Post – November, 2014
Council committee votes to table proprosal, essentially killing it in this legislative session and upsetting the D.C. bike community

Route 50 Trail Proposed
ArlNow – November, 2014
he Washington Area Bicyclist Association has proposed connecting existing trail infrastructure along Route 50 to create a contiguous trail between the National Mall and Fairfax City.

Bethesda Downtown Plan Concepts Include Increased Density, Parks Network
Bethesda Magazine – November, 2014
Building height increases are being pitched for affordable housing, emerging retail areas and near transit stations

We all must be mindful of pedestrians
Alexandria Times – November, 2014
By Jim Durham, chairman, Alexandria Bicycle and PEdestrian Advisory Committee (File photo) The Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) is

D.C. postpones vote on bill that would protect injured cyclists and pedestrians
Washington Post – November, 2014
D.C. Council committee postpones vote on the bill that would make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to recover damages.

Cyclist, Pedestrian Advocates Plan To Hold Council Accountable If Negligence Bill Fails
DCist – November, 2014
Currently, if a pedestrian or cyclist is found to be even one percent at fault in a crash, they cannot recover damages.

D.C. bill would make it easier for cyclists, pedestrians to collect damages
Washington Post – November, 2014
Advocates rallied Thursday morning in support of legislation that would end a contributory negligence system they call “harsh” and “unfair.”

As the D.C. mayoral campaign nears end, there is no clear winner on transportation
Washington Post – October, 2014
D.C. mayoral hopefuls have said little about their vision for the city’s aging transportation system.

Should Cyclists Be Allowed on DC Sidewalks?
Washingtonian – October, 2014
A look at both sides of the argument.

Bikes Won’t Be Banned on H Street NE Streetcar Way
NBC4 Washington – October, 2014
D.C. transportation officials took a proposed rule that would have kept bicyclists out of new H Street NE streetcar lanes off the table.

Bikes Will Be Allowed on H Street NE After All
Washington City Paper – October, 2014
But remember to cross the tracks at a sharp angle!

Jim Graham bill would ban bikes, Segways from more D.C. sidewalks
Washington Post – October, 2014
Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) wants to ban bikes and Segways from sidewalks in places where there are bike lanes.

Bicycle, pedestrian advocates admonish scofflaw cyclists
Alexandria Times – October, 2014

Bicycle Advocates Want Off-Road Wisconsin Avenue Crossing Restored
Bethesda Magazine – October, 2014
An influential group of bicycle advocates has started a petition seeking another off-road crossing of Wisconsin Avenue along the Capital Crescent Trail. The…

Bicyclist has some questions for the motorist who struck him and drove away
Washington Post – September, 2014
Hit-and-run motorist had a blind eye for crash victim on rural road.

Who should pay when a motorist and a bicyclist collide? D.C. weighs making it easier for bicyclists to collect.
Washington Post – September, 2014
Advocates say the change would give cyclists a fairer chance of collecting on insurance claims after a crash.

Proposed Regulations Would Limit Cycling On Roads With Streetcar Tracks
DCist – September, 2014
“DDOT’s proposed streetcar regulations, released last week, prohibit ‘riding a bicycle within a streetcar guideway, except to cross the street.”

Proposed Rules Would Ban Biking in H Street NE Streetcar Lanes
Washington City Paper – September, 2014
Biking on H Street, however, would not be banned entirely.

Capital Bikeshare works to recruit minorities, low-income residents
Washington Post – June, 2014
The fast-growing bike sharing network is still mostly used by the young, Caucasian and well-educated

DDOT’s moveDC plan gets mixed reviews
Washington Post – June, 2014
Some praise the city’s vision for more biking, walking and transit. Others are concerned about the impact on driving and parking.

13 Things Every Cyclist Needs to Do
NBC4 Washington – June, 2014
D.C. is a great city for bicyclists — and for bicycle thieves. Read on for our tips for keeping your bike (and yourself) safe.

Bicycling in D.C.: Where are the women?
WTOP – June, 2014
It\’s said that women compose just 24 percent of the overall ridership in the D.C. region, and a number of issues help explain the disparity.