Looking for Lawyers

Please forward this posting to any personal injury or traffic attorneys in your network who might represent cyclists and want to be included on a referral sheet/directory compiled by WABA.  Find the survey for attorneys HERE. DSC_0502 One of the truly surprising things about working at WABA is the number of calls we get from cyclists in need of legal advice.  It’s not surprising that we get calls, but the number is shocking. At WABA, we provide general advice on how to handle a crash, but we do not provide individual legal advice.  Rather, we want to refer those who call us to a qualified lawyer.  And we have a number of go-to folks who have served our members well. But as we are increasing our presence on the internet and elsewhere, we are getting more and more calls from non-members who simply find us online and hope that we can help. So we need to have a better referral system, and we need to know what attorneys in the District, Maryland, and Virginia have expertise in cycling-related cases. Alison, one of our dedicated office volunteers, is working the phones to law firms in the area and has created a simple survey to evaluate their bike law experience.  We hope to make the information provided available to our members and to cyclists in need of bike law advice.  But in addition to Alison’s calls,we’ve provided the survey here in hopes that our readers and members will forward this to attorneys they know. The direct link to the survey can be found HERE. (And of course it should go without saying that we provide the best advice we can to all who contact us, whether members or not.   But if you count on us to be your source of information in a pinch, we’d appreciate your becoming a member or donating.  It’s those dues and donations that ensure we’ll be here when you need us.)