Support Maryland HB 363: Manslaughter by Vehicle or Vessel–Criminal Negligence

Ghost bike in honor of Natasha Pettigrew.

Ghost bike in honor of Natasha Pettigrew.

Tomorrow, WABA Board Member Jim Titus will join with other Maryland cyclists, pedestrians, and advocates testifying in support of HB 363, which would fill a gap in Maryland’s criminal law that currently operates to allow drivers who kill cyclists to receive little or no punishment.  In short, the bill creates a misdemeanor for causing the death of another while operating a vehicle in a criminally negligent manner.

Maryland residents: Please take a moment to sign the League of American Bicyclists’ petition in support of HB 363.

Below is a preliminary draft of Mr. Titus’s remarks to be delivered tomorrow on behalf of WABA.

Maryland HB 363 Testimony