Oxon Hill Farm Trail Fix Coming Next Week

MPD Evidence Facility Bike Path. Photo Courtesy of Paul G.

Washington Area Bike Forum member “paulg”  posted about the substandard trail connection between the Oxon Hill Farm Trail / Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail and DC Village Lane in Blue Plains.  The DC Department of Real Estate Services is managing the construction of the new DC Evidence Warehouse.  The trail connection runs through the construction site and during construction a plywood boardwalk detour was created. In early February, the trail was reopened with a repaved section.  The work interface between the existing trail and new section was uneven and bumpy — the photos tell the complete story. A request was put into DRES project manager Adenegan Olusegun to correct the work.  Mr. Olusegun responded in a timely manner and asked for time to consult with Akridge, the on-site contractor for the Evidence Warehouse.  Today, we received the follow-up,
The contractor will be working to make improvements to connection between the area affected by the construction of the new facility to existing conditions. On Friday I walked the part with them and compared the current conditions with preconstruction photo and we should be fine with the agreed upon redress. This should be accomplished by next week at the latest. I shall keep you updated.
WABA will continue to follow the progress of the fix and we will inform you of the final outcome.