Berliner Pushing for Bikeshare in Bethesda “In the Very Near Future”

Last week, Montgomery County Council Vice President and  Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment Committee Chair, Roger Berliner, sent a letter to County Executive Leggett arguing in favor of an expansion of bikesharing to Bethesda. In his letter, Berliner states:
I believe the Bethesda area is particularly well-suited for expanding our bikesharing system.  With its high metro ridership, proximity to existing bikeshare stations, and already congested roads, I believe conditions are such that a network of stations would serve our constituents there quite well.
He goes on to list a number of community and business group already supportive of the expansion, argues that bikeshare could be useful to mitigate BRAC traffic impacts near the National Naval Medical Center, and notes the potential of the White Flint area to provide a “missing link” in the bikeshare network between his proposed Bethesda-area network and the stations coming to Rockville. Click here to access the full letter.