Want to Ride your Bike in the City? Nervous about Traffic? WABA has the Answer.

Its time to learn some urban riding skills.  WABA is hosting a series of classes this fall designed to help you become a safer,  happier and all-round better cyclist. Click here to sign up for our immediate schedule of classes.  Hurry, because they will fill up quickly. We have classes for every level of cyclist. Our Learn to Ride (L2R) classes are for people who have never ridden a bike before but want a dedicated group of instructors to help them to learn. Our Confident City Cycling 1 (CCC1) class is for people who don’t have the skills to safely bike in traffic or who are  just a little rusty and want a refresher course.  CCC1 students will learn the basics of proper road biking and practice essential drills to make you a better cyclist. Plus, all CCC1 students will learn how to change a flat tire. Our Confident City Cycling 2 (CCC2) class will build upon skills learned in CCC1 and teach you how to avoid specific dangerous situations with cars, pedestrians and the road.  CCC2 will cover emergency maneuver drills to give you the knowledge to be a well-rounded cyclist.  CCC2 will also have you practice with our instructors on the road so that you can confidently ride our city streets in style.