Join Brighter Days Collective. They’ll walk your dog AND buy your WABA membership!

“Membership with Benefits” is a blog series in which we highlight a different WABA member benefit each month. In July we featured ZipCar, the national car-sharing network.  This month we’re featuring Brighter Days Collective Dog Walking & Pet Sitting.
Heading out of town for the week(end), but not able or wanting to take your pooch along? Work long days, leaving your dog inside all day? Ever thought about a dog walker or pet sitter? Because we know just the one! Brighter Days Collective is a DC-based dog walking and pet sitting agency whose employees travel by bike to walk or sit your pets. How cool is that? You know what’s even cooler? In addition to having employees who bike to and from your home, Brighter Days will actually pay you to join (or renew your membership with) WABA!  That’s right. They will cover the cost of your WABA membership if you utilize their pet services. Now that’s a member benefit!