It Took Us This Long to Set Up a Flickr Pool…

Circling in front of the Capitol

And we’d love it if you could contribute!

Though the WABA Flickr account has a few groups for events, and though many of you have tagged your uploads to Flickr with things relevant to our organization, we’ve never had a general Flickr pool. In the interest of having a collection of images that show the best, worst, and maybe-just-OK aspects of biking in the D.C. region, we’ve finally set one up.

You can join the group here (or search for “WABA Flickr Pool” under groups). Please contribute liberally. It’s easy enough to find photos of bikes and their riders in D.C. on Flickr–just search “bike dc”–but we’re hoping to build an easily accessible resource of all of the above, plus any photos you might take at WABA happenings. If you’re comfortable making your photos available for use under Creative Commons, that’s even better! We might want to showcase your work on our blog or Facebook page!

Go forth and contribute.