U-Turns Across Pennsylvania Avenue Lanes Now Cost $100

Note from July 2020: WABA has learned that a reporter cited in this post sexually harassed a number of people in our community. Read our statement here.

Yesterday, representatives from DDOT, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the D.C. Taxicab Commission joined up with D.C. bike ambassadors to stop drivers from u-turning across Pennsylvania Avenue. Volunteers distributed literature on the consequences of the illegal maneuver, and MPD officers handed out warnings.

The event got plenty of attention: Area cyclists have been pushing for better enforcement of u-turning drivers in earnest since late last year, and the cycletrack was on prominent display during recent festivities for the presidential inauguration. WJLA reports that, last year, 11 out of 16 crashes on Pennsyvlania Avenue were the result of u-turning drivers. Beginning today, drivers who make a u-turn across the lanes will receive a $100 fine.

A visible awareness campaign, even for one day during an off-peak time, is great news. As Martin DiCaro reports for WAMU, “Bicycle advocates also see the need for the enforcement as a sign of progress. If D.C. hadn’t seen such growth in bicycling, there’d be no issues with cabbies crashing into bicyclists as taxi drivers and others make illegal U-turns. If D.C. weren’t such a big bicycling city, there’d be no bike lanes on Pennsylvania Avenue in the first place.”

We hope that DDOT, MPD, and DCTC will continue to educate drivers and enforce the illegality of u-turns.

Check out DDOT’s Facebook page for a gallery of photos and additional information on enforcement on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Photo via the DDOT Facebook page