Spring 2013 Adult Education Classes

Panning by the White House #bikedc

Soon, this could be you.

Despite this week’s late-season snowstorm, spring is swiftly approaching. Why not spend a Saturday with WABA at one of our adult education classes? Below, learn about the classes we offer. Go to the education calendar to register. Adult Learn to Ride This 3-hour class is designed to teach adults how to ride a bike. We start by teaching balance. Then, each rider proceeds at their own pace through starting, stopping, pedaling, and turning. Our technique is fun, intuitive, and very successful, but it takes work! Please wear comfortable clothes and bring along some water, a snack, and weather-appropriate outerwear. A rental bike and helmet for the day are included with your reservation. Be sure to provide your height so that we can provide you with a bicycle that fits you. This class is for you if:
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have never tried to learn how to ride a bike
  • You have tried to learn and have not been successful
Confident City Cycling This 3-hour class is meant to be taken twice! After a brief introduction and some fundamental tips, we’ll split the class into two groups. Ideally, new students will take the “Trails” section the first time and join us again for the “Traffic” section. Experienced bicyclists can choose either section. In the “Trails” group, we will cover basic bicycling information and on-bike skills. We’ll finish with a ride on a nearby trail and demonstrate proper passing, communication and trail etiquette. In the “Traffic” group, we will explore riding a bike on the roads with cars. We’ll cover on-road techniques and teach hazard avoidance maneuvers. We’ll finish with a ride on the roads and demonstrate techniques, highlight bike infrastructure, and put everything we’ve learned into practice. Both groups come back together for a demonstration of changing a flat tire. Online study is required prior to arriving at class. Please complete the material on www.bikeed.org. This material is free, but is very thorough and can take up to 3 hours to complete. Don’t wait until the last minute! Participants must bring their own bikes, helmets, and water. Clipless/SPD shoes/pedals are not recommended for this class. Participants will be required to sign liability waivers. Register today! Not sure which class is right for you? Send an email to education@waba.org and we’ll help you find the ideal education experience. Photo by Flickr user Joe in DC