This Week in Bike Reads


Before the Congressional Ride

Washington State Rep. Ed Orcutt, he of the statement that bikes pollute just like cars, has walked it back.

In Brooklyn, there’s a parking debacle that doesn’t involve any cars. Harry Jaffe provides a comprehensive overview of what bike-friendly efforts D.C. is pushing. See bike infrastructure proposed by DDOT for 2013. “”I want cycling to be normal, a part of everyday life. I want it to be something you feel comfortable doing in your ordinary clothes, something you hardly think about. I want more women cycling, more older people cycling, more black and minority ethnic Londoners cycling, more cyclists of all social backgrounds – without which truly mass participation can never come. As well as the admirable Lycra-wearers, and the enviable east Londoners on their fixed-gear bikes, I want more of the kind of cyclists you see in Holland, going at a leisurely pace on often clunky steeds.” London Mayor Boris Johnson, not a professional bike advocate, said that. An ode to the transition from “person who bikes” to “bicyclist.” A representative from AAA spoke at the National Bike Summit on Tuesday. On Monday, Green Lanes Project showed off D.C.’s dedicated bike infrastructure to National Bike Summit attendees. Bike crashes are up 26 percent in Fairfax County, though the number of cyclists in the area has also increased. Photo by Flickr user Salovesh. Join our Flickr group today!