Bike to Work Day for the Multi-Modal Commuter

Every Wednesday leading up to Bike to Work Day, we’ll post here about ways you can get ready for the region’s biggest annual celebration of bike commuting. Register for Bike to Work Day now!
When planning your route for bike to work day, consider incorporating other modes of transportation. Your bike ride could be much more enjoyable and convenient when combined with the train, bus, Metro, or even your car. There are many benefits of multi-modal bike commuting, especially when you’re traveling long distances or the weather is less than ideal. Plus, it’s nice to have backup transportation options if you encounter bike problems, have enjoyed too many libations after work, or if you just aren’t feeling up to the ride home. We’re pretty fortunate in this region to have so many transportation choices in our toolkit, and it’s all about finding the right tools for the right job. Bringing your bike on the Metro is easy. You can bring folding bikes on Metro cars all hours of service, and non-folding bikes in non-rush hours. Rush hours are from 7-10 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. Some things to keep in mind: You must use the station elevators, never the escalators, and you should find a spot at the front or rear of the Metro car where you have enough room to safely hold onto the railing and your bike. If biking to the Metro isn’t a convenient option, you can always pack your bike in the car, drive to the nearest station, hop on the Metro with your bike, and bike the last leg of your trip. Some people leave the Metro out of that equation and simply park their car closer to work, maybe at a friends’ house, and bike to their office. Buses are always a simple option for multi-modal bike commutes. Bring your folding bike inside the bus, or store your non-folding bike on the bus’ bike rack. Loading up your bike on the bus rack can be intimidating at first, but all it takes is some practice. Click here for a good video tutorial to study beforehand. For folks who regularly use commuter trains like Amtrak or the VRE, folding bikes are allowed on all trains in lieu of luggage, and non-folding bikes can be taken on board if the train has walk-on bicycle service. Combining bicycling with other forms of transportation certainly isn’t cheating, it’s rarely difficult, and it’s not expensive. The choice to make your commute more easy, affordable, and enjoyable is a good choice, and that’s what Bike to Work Day is all about, celebrating good transportation. Next Wednesday, we’ll tell you why you should register for Bike to Work Day—as if you don’t have enough great reasons already! Sign up for Bike to Work Day now!