NPS’ Capital Crescent Entrance Improvements Complete

Last month, the National Park Service announced that it would make safety improvements to the Capital Crescent Trail’s entrance: “Plans to enhance visitor safety and improve the aesthetics of this historic area include filling in all ruts and depressions in the drive-through arch of the Alexandria Aqueduct to create a smooth and level surface. Installation of a bicycle-friendly gate at the Georgetown side of the aqueduct will prevent vehicles from driving upstream and replace the single bollard located 200 feet upstream that had previously served this purpose but that was knocked over frequently by errant cars. Signage and striping to warn visitors as they approach the gate and direct them towards the 5 ½ feet-wide opening will be installed. Additional signs will be posted that alert visitors to the fact that they are leaving a non-motorized trail and entering a public road.” We’re pleased to see that those improvements have taken shape. See photos of the new gate below: NPS' Capital Crescent Trail Improvements NPS' Capital Crescent Trail Improvements Photos by Greg Billing