Success! ANC 3D Votes in Favor of Bike Lanes

ANC 3D voted in favor of the proposed New Mexico Avenue NW bike lanes last night. Support WABA for more advocacy successes.

Last night, after an hour of passionate debate and testimony from the community, ANC 3D voted 5-4 in favor of the proposed New Mexico Avenue NW bike lanes and to support the widening of the sidewalk on Nebraska Avenue NW. Supporters of the bike lanes out numbered those opposing by at least 4 to 1! You can read Greater Greater Washington‘s excellent coverage of last night’s meeting. WABA has been working with commissioners from the ANC, community supporters, and DDOT to help bring this project to life. Many hours of staff and volunteer time were invested in this campaign and it’s our members and supporters who enable us to do this work. Please consider making a donation today and supporting WABA’s work or better yet, become a member! WABA members empower our advocacy and ensure future successes. WABA would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who came last night and testified in support of the project. There were a number of thoughtful and well-spoken arguments and compelling personal stories.