Tomorrow: MTPD Outreach at College Park

Locked bicycle Metro Transit Police recently made registration available for cyclists who lock up around the system’s facilities. It’s free—and if you register your bike tomorrow at the College Park station, you’ll receive a free U-lock. MTPD recognizes the benefits of U-locks (they’re much harder to break than wire or chain locks) and hopes this outreach event will further reduce bike theft around stations. MTPD will be at the College Park station between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. Read the full press release below the jump. As part of their ongoing effort to reduce bike theft, Metro Transit Police (MTPD) will host a special outreach event tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at UMD-College Park Station where riders who register their bike with MTPD will receive a free U-Lock. Last month, Metro Transit Police (MTPD) launched a free online registration program for riders who park their bikes at Metro facilities. Riders can visit to submit a registration with their bike’s make, model, serial number, color and frame size. “Registering your bike is the best way to help police recover it in the event that it is lost or stolen,” said Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik.  “I encourage anyone who parks their bike at a Metro facility to take advantage of this new free service.” Transit Police encourage bicyclists to use U-Lock devices to better protect their property.  U-Locks are sturdier than conventional wire or chain locks, thereby making them much harder for a thief to overcome. MTPD will distribute the free U-locks to riders who register on the spot at UMD-College Park Metrorail Station between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. In addition, representatives from Metro’s parking office will be on hand to provide tours and information about the station’s new state-of-the-art “Bike & Ride” facility. The Bike & Ride—a first of its kind for Metro—is a 2,400-square foot, secure, enclosed parking structure on the first level of the College Park station parking garage. The facility features bright LED lighting, security cameras, an emergency callbox and card-controlled access. Metro also installed a bike repair stand outside of the garage equipped with a variety of tools for the convenience of riders who may need to make quick bicycle repairs. [More info about the Bike & Ride] Bike security tips
  • Register your bike with Metro Transit Police.  Registration can help police identify and recovery your property in the event that it is stolen.
  • Lock your bike to an authorized rack.  Metro provides more than 1,700 bike racks on the system for your convenience.  The racks are positioned in well-lit, high traffic areas for additional security. Locking your bike to a fence, sign or other unauthorized fixture is an easy way to lose it.
  • Using two locks is even better than using one.  Use one for the front wheel and frame, and the other for the rear wheel and frame.
  • Keep a copy of your bike’s serial number in your wallet.  Your serial number will help police identify your bike if it is recovered or if the thief attempts to resell it.
  • Hide a business card or index card with your name and phone number inside the bike frame.
  • Take your seat with you.
Metro Transit Police use a variety of tactics to combat bicycle theft, including:
  • Use of dedicated bike theft police details;
  • Use of decoy operations and undercover officers;
  • Community outreach events; and
  • Deploying resources based on crime trends as identified through the MetroStat system
News release issued at 11:28 am, August 5, 2013. Photo by Flickr user mjb