Trail Ranger Tuesdays: More MBT Light Troubles

This entry is part of a weekly series following WABA’s Trail Rangers.  The D.C. Trail Ranger Program is giving some needed attention to DC’s off-street paved trails and the people who use them with daily patrols, maintenance, and outreach.

MBT Light 3

One of 7 lights vandalized on the MBT Saturday night.

This week, we take a break from the usual reports of branches trimmed and volume of trash bagged for an update on an ongoing concern on the Met Branch Trail.  Those who ride it often know that though light fixtures run the length of the off-street route from M Street to Franklin Street, it is not uncommon to find many either burnt out or missing altogether.  On Saturday night, vandalism left an additional seven lights and one security mirror smashed and broken on the ramp leading down to M Street. While the glass has been cleared (more than 10 pounds’ worth), what remains is a blind corner, a total of 10 consecutive smashed fixtures and more than 25 feet of continuous darkness on the ramp after sundown.  The NoMa BID and DDOT are aware of the problem and working towards a fix. In the meantime, remember to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings at night. MBT Mirror