Alexandria City Council Votes Unanimously to Support King Street Traffic Calming

After seven hours of public testimony, the seven-member Alexandria City Council unanimously approved, by passing a supporting resolution, the King Street traffic calming project at its March 15 meeting. At the Saturday meeting, the city of Alexandria’s transportation and environmental service director, Rich Baier, presented a plan for improved crosswalks, bike lanes, pedestrian crossing signals, signs, and other improvements for King Street west of the Metro station. The project’s goal is to improve King Street’s conditions and make it safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and drivers. Learn more about the project here, and read about WABA’s work on it here. Over 60 people testified at Saturday’s hearing, which lasted all day. Forty-seven community members testified in favor of the traffic-calming plans, while 17 opposed. The Alexandria Traffic and Parking Board voted in February to delay these plans and called for opponents to find more common ground. The city council’s vote on Saturday recognized city staff’s effort to find a compromise between safe streets and parking. WABA worked closely with the Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Coalition for Smarter Growth to mobilize supporters of complete streets in Alexandria. Over 1,450 Northern Virginia residents, including 900 Alexandrians, signed a petition in support of the traffic-calming project. Saturday’s vote by the city council represents a strong commitment to safe and complete streets in Alexandria. Many thanks to all WABA members and supporters who signed and circulated the petition and submitted testimony in favor of a safer King Street. Read more about the King Street bike lanes from WAMU, the Washington Post, WTOP, NBC, and Fox.