Sun, spring, and the first Learn to Ride class of the season

We’re already a few weeks into our spring education season, but Saturday marked the 2014 kickoff of one of the most rewarding tasks for WABA instructors – teaching students how to ride bicycles.

WABA’s learn-to-ride classes are set up for adults who don’t know how to ride a bicycle. Starting to ride as an adult can be a difficult process, but our method is time-tested and overwhelmingly effective. As such, sessions fill up fast, and our interest list is filled with eager adults who want to learn to ride.

Saturday’s class brought 20 students, 20 bicycles, and six WABA instructors to Freedom Plaza to take on the most daunting task of the weekend for some – mastering balance on two wheels.


Photo by Nelle Pierson

WABA education coordinator Daniel Hoagland directed students to their bicycles, provided by Bike and Roll, and told them that we’d start with step one, and the hardest part of all – learning to glide on the bike, without pedals, feeling the rhythm and weight of the machine driving itself forward.

For some, Freedom Plaza didn’t seem the most auspicious place to try biking for the first time – it’s a well-traveled stomping ground for tourists, skateboarders, and those who manage to stay suit-clad even on a Saturday. But initial hesitation to try something new in the public eye soon gave way to excitement as students began to glide on bikes and quickly progressed to pedaling through the plaza.


Photo by Nelle Pierson

As students found their balance and began to pick up speed on two wheels, uncontrollable giggling, smiling, and high-fiving commenced. WABA instructor Hamzat Sani adapted to the class success, leading a fairly competitive game of on-bike red-light-green-light to encourage first-time riders to hone stopping and starting skills.

After three hours of hard work, nearly all participants were riding – ready for Bike to Work Day and whatever else may come. We’re proud to add more cyclists to DC’s bike community, and hope to see you all out there this spring.


Photo by Nelle Pierson

Want to learn how to ride? Join our interest list.

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Last but not least, do us a solid and register for Bike to Work Day. Ride on!