How to get ready for the Tour de Fat

Photo credit: Ranpuba

Photo credit: Ranpuba

Tour de Fat is a wacky, ridiculously enjoyable bicycle festival. It’s coming up on Saturday, May 31st and we want you there. Perhaps it’s your first Tour de Fat and you have no idea what to expect. (Or perhaps this is your third time going–in which case you’ll want to share this with your friends.)

Here are WABA’s tips and tricks on how to get ready for the bicycle-inspired fun:

  • Wear a costume: Though not required, it’s strongly encouraged that you wear a fun costume. It can be anything from 80’s inspired neon color track shorts and tall socks, overalls and a cowboy hat, last year’s Halloween costume, or even just your pajamas! The goofy costumes help everyone break out of their shells, let loose, and have a good time.
  • Arrive early, stay late: You don’t want to miss the big bike ride that leaves Yards Park at 11am. And the finale of the Tour de Fat on the main stage at 5pm is another thing that can’t be missed.
  • Share the festivities: Charge up your smart phone or bring a camera and document the festivities. Share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtags #tourdefat and #bikedc to share with the greater community. And don’t forget to mention @wabadc.
  • Bring your friends: Craziness is always best when shared… Or come alone! And make new friends at the Tour de Fat; it won’t be hard to do.
  • Exercise your mouth: Get ready to smile for an entire day. Do some smiling exercises. You’re going to be smiling and laughing a lot!
  • Don’t forget the essentials: Don’t forget to put on sunscreen before you head out. It will likely be hot and sunny. And bring a water bottle with you. There will be water stations to refill.

We really hope to see you on Saturday, May 31st at the Tour de Fat. The bike ride leaves at 11am (so get there at 10am to get ready) and the beer and music start at Noon. The grand finale is at 5pm. Yards Park is located at 355 Water St SE, right next to the Nationals baseball stadium. RSVP on Facebook for the event and pre-register for the bike ride to save time. See you there!