Bikefest is a party you don’t want to miss

WABA’s biggest party of the year, Bikefest, is coming up on June 13th. Have you bought a ticket yet? (You can buy one here now.) Local jazz tunes. Tacos. Guac. Cocktails. Dancing. And bike advocacy. What more could you want? Check out these snapshots of Bikefest 2013 to see what you’ll be missing if you don’t attend this year:

Photos courtesy of Ranpuba


3-bicycles 4-live music 5- dress to impress 6- everyone 7-party By buying a ticket to Bikefest, you are making a difference. By partying with us, you are raising money that fuels WABA’s work to get better bicycle infrastructure and to make our streets more safe. Support us: come to Bikefest.