Music: The Greater U St Jazz Collective at Bikefest

We are so excited to announce the band playing at this year’s Bikefest party: The Greater U St Jazz Collective. This band knows how to bring the beat and get you shakin’ a leg. A fabulous local jazz group, The Greater U St Jazz Collective was formed over four years ago. From the band’s website: “The original members, including Art Cobb and Thomas View, came together to play music at a friend’s birthday party, and the chemistry they had while playing compelled them to continue to rehearse together. Although many members came and went during the initial few months of the Collective, they have since strengthened around their core four members: Cobb, View, Russell Carter, and Pete Frassrand. Their primary focus in working together is not for fame or money; rather, they seek to put out quality, meaningful music and carry the torch for D.C.’s U Street jazz scene.” So if you like some of the great jazz classics like John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, or Duke Ellington, you’ll love this year’s band at Bikefest. Buy your tickets today.