Bike With Your Children This Fall

e6MXyK7ObZyMVaWZ7KTNlYi1U8M0BlyNV1r6XhihuwIThis is part of our Women & Bicycles blog series,  part of WABA’s initiative to build a stronger women’s bike community and get more women on bikes.  These posts aren’t exclusive to women, but they’re produced with and through the Women & Bicycles’ programming. Click here to learn more and get involved. Last week we partnered with Kidical Mass DC organizer Megan Odett to host a Family Bike Workshop at the Georgetown Neighborhood Library. Families from around the region joined us to glean Megan’s expertise on family biking equipment, safety, weather, and the most important: snacking & napping strategies! And conveniently, there were blocks and books galore in the library’s nearby children’s room. Tuffo Muddy BuddyOf all the tips and skills shared, a salient concern stuck out: how do I keep my children warm and dry? You can protect your children from wind and moisture using a DIY canopy, or covered trailer, or fancy cargo bike with built-in canopy (click here for ideas).  And obviously, clothing matters. Megan’s rule of thumb? Dress her children as if it’s ten degrees colder then it really is outside. She raved about the Tuffo Muddy Buddy, a $36 rain/snow/mudpuddle/fountain suit. It ranges in sizes from 12 month olds to 5 year olds and lightweight packability allow you to stow it away in your bag until you need it. Want to learn more about biking with your children? Come to our City Cycling Class for parents and kids this weekend and click here to join Kidical Mass DC’s mailing list. There are now FIVE Kidical Mass groups in the region. Join the fun!