Thanks for riding with us, Bethesda and Arlington!

Wow. Such excellent classes in Bethesda and Arlington this weekend. Here’s what they looked like:

Saturday’s City Cycling class in Bethesda

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City Cycling comes to Friendship Heights on May 3!

Claim your spot.

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Sunday’s Learn to Ride class in Arlington

L2R.4.26.1_lowres L2R.4.26.2_lowres L2R.4.26.3_lowres

We still have space in our unsubsidized Learn to Ride class this Saturday, May 2, in DC.

Join us!

L2R.4.26.6_lowres L2R.4.26.7_lowres L2R.4.26.8_lowres L2R.4.26.9_lowres L2R.4.27.10_lowres Big thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday and Sunday. We are especially grateful to Bethesda Transportation Solutions and Bike Arlington for making these classes possible. There’s lots of other exciting stuff happening this season. Check our adult education calendar for more class offerings and community rides coming up soon.