WABA classes and group rides are in full swing!

We had a wonderful time at City Cycling in Alexandria and Arlington last weekend. This is what it looked like: DSC_0338_lowres DSC_0346_lowres

Our next session in this series is a Community Ride in Arlington on April 22.

Join us!

(Or read about our ride series here.)

  DSC_0349_lowres   DSC_0355_lowres   DSC_0364_lowres DSC_0372_lowres   DSC_0377_lowres DSC_0397_lowres DSC_0399_lowres DSC_0417_lowres DSC_0446_lowres DSC_0466_lowres DSC_0468_lowres Big thanks to everyone who participated and taught last weekend! Find upcoming classes in your area here. DSC_0474_lowres