Action Committees Get Some Coaching from the Pros

P1040724 Two weeks ago, advocates from around the region gathered at the WABA office for a weekend of Winning Campaigns Training with the Alliance for Biking and Walking. Starting with a handful of issues and potential solutions, we walked through the process of building an articulate and targeted campaign plan to guide each effort to success. Last year, WABA launched Action Committees in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties to put our energetic, local advocate base to work on campaigns to improve biking in each county. With two campaigns making great strides, we launched a committee in Arlington County this spring and hope share their campaign soon. Each group is led by passionate local advocates and driven by the energy, insight, and participation of your neighbors, coworkers, and friends who want to make their communities more bikeable. The weekend’s Winning Campaigns Training was all about helping these passionate advocates achieve success. Experts from the Alliance for Biking and Walking shared their insights and key tools that help shape effective, winnable campaigns across the country. They helped us clearly define the issue at hand, identify key decision makers, target communication and build meaningful coalitions. Most of all, they gave our advocates renewed focus, inspiration, and a new way to frame and plan future campaigns. Thanks so much to our friends at the Alliance for Biking and Walking for making this weekend happen. To learn more about what WABA’s Action Committees are doing near you and learn how to get involved, click here.