Put a smile on everyone’s face!

We announced the Trail Ranger job position openings a few days back but wanted to spend extra time emphasizing exactly how much fun this spring and summer is going to be: lots of fun. Our fourth year of being the trail-based outreach for bikes, trails and WABA, we are taking last year’s fabulous season and making it even better for staff and trail users. We will be out on the trail for two more months to take advantage of that great spring weather and already have 35 outreach events in the works. Scavenger hunts, vegetation cutting, trail history tours, wacky bingo – we do it all. It is the only job I’ve ever had that from day one people are enthusiastically waving at you and so excited to see you on the trails again. Seriously, it is a hoot! As a dynamic team of four, we wear a lot of hats. Giving high fives to kids? Totally in the job description. Fixing that tree branch that gets in your way? Part of the job. Being outside when its 70F and gorgeous? Part of the job. Exploring DC’s hidden gems? Job! Making folks day by fixing their flat tire? Yep, part of the job. Come join – full job description here. Please send a resume and cover letter to jobs@waba.org by February 24th with “Trail Ranger” in the subject heading.