Update- Maryland Legislation

As the session winds down, four bike bills remain under consideration in the Maryland Legislature. HB332 – a bill that would give Montgomery County the authority to lower speed limits beneath what is currently authorized by state law passed the House and will be considered by the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on March 3oth. HB1079 – An ill-considered bill that would give localities the authority to create additional penalties for pedestrians crossing outside a crosswalk will be taken up by the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on March 30th.  Our allies at Bikemore in Baltimore did a great writeup of the issue. Read about why we oppose this bill and take action to keep it from passing here. (Maryland residents only). HB997 – A bill to explicitly provide that where bicyclists are lawfully using the sidewalk, they have the same legal protections and responsibilities as pedestrians will be considered by the Senate Finance Committee on March 3oth. HB 578 – a bill to clarify that Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons (HAWK signals) may be used in Maryland, passed the House, but may not make it through the Senate before session ends this year. Read more and take action here. (Maryland residents only).