Welcome the 2017-2018 WABA Board of Directors

The 2017 Washington Area Bicyclist Association Board of Directors. From left: Jessica Hough, Paul d’Eustachio, Randall Myers, Scott Barash, Peter Gray, Mark Blacknell, Keya Chatterjee, Greg Billing, Jim Titus, Elizabeth Lyttleton, Matt Liddle and Joanne Neukirchen. Not Pictured: Martin Moulton and Laurance Alvarado

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association Board of Directors held the 2017 Annual Meeting on February 28th at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health in downtown DC. Members voted in a slate of six new and returning Board Directors to serve the organization for the 2017-2019 term. The following individuals were voted in by the membership as Directors:

Laurance Alvarado, returning
Scott Barash, returning
Mark Blacknell, returning
Keya Chatterjee, returning
Jessica Hough, new
Joanne Neukirchen, returning

WABA would like to welcome our newest Director Jessica Hough. Jessica is a long-time resident of Bethesda, MD and commutes to work in downtown DC several times a week.  During the day, Jessica is a tax attorney and leads her law firm’s DC tax practice. A full bio for Jessica and all Board Directors can be found on the WABA website here.

In accordance with the WABA Bylaws, the Board held its officers election on March 20, 2017. By a unanimous vote, the Board elected the following officers for the 2017-2018 term:

Paul d’Eustachio, President
Randall Myers, Treasurer
Martin Moulton, Vice President
Joanne Neukirchen, Secretary

Outgoing President Mark Blacknell served WABA for six years. His exceptional service, outstanding leadership and dedication to the WABA mission is sincerely appreciated.

The WABA Board of Director is comprised of 13 Directors who serve two-year terms with half of the board elected annually. Elections are held at the Annual Meeting, generally scheduled in late winter. The Board has six working committees that set strategy for the organization. Committee membership is open appointed non-board members. The six working committees and the chairs are:

Admin & Finance – Scott Barash, Chair
Development – Laurance Laurance, Chair
Membership – Joanne Neukirchen, Chair
Programs – Elizabeth Lyttleton, Chair
Advocacy – Peter Gray, Chair
Equity – Unfilled (New committee. Chair soon to be filled)

Non-board committee members provide valuable external insight to the organization. There are needs on the Development, Membership and Equity Committees If you are interested in serving WABA on a working committee as a community member, please contact Executive Director Greg Billing or Board President Paul d’Eustachio.