Welcoming the 2017 Trail Ranger Team!

Welcome to the 2017 Trail Ranger team – Gab, Harum, Melissa, Seth, Trey and Tom! The Trail Rangers are all about providing a consistent and helpful presence on DC’s mixed-use paved trails. We help trail users, engage with trailside neighborhoods, improve trail conditions, and work with city agencies to keep the trails clean, bright, and clear of obstacles. Keep an eye out for them on the Marvin Gaye, Anacostia River, Suitland Parkway and Metropolitan Branch Trails (Click here to see where these awesome trails are!).

What is your favorite snack?

  • Anything with dark chocolate – Gab
  • French fries – Harum
  • Twizzlers – Trey
  • Wild apples – Seth
  • Manchego cheese – Tom
  • Fruit of any kind – Melissa

Whats your bike story – how did you start and what has the journey been?

“The best holiday gift I ever received was a shiny new bike when I was 20. I loved everything about my bike; its flowery basket, its angel wing handle bars, banana seat and its license tag that said Melissa. Nearly 4 decades later, 25 years sine I had last ridden a bike, I received the Best Birthday Present ever, a shiny red bike! As an adult, I’ve been riding for nearly 7 years.” – Melissa “I’ve been riding bikes since I was 4 years old and got back into biking during my sophomore year at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. I have 2 older brothers who always rode bikes so I felt I was destined to ride. I would get a bike and let one of my brothers ride and it would always come back broken. Bikes were always fun to work on because I’ve always wanted to keep mine in top shape. I brought a bike in college to get back and forth to class easier, rather than driving. Once I got that feeling back in me, I haven’t been able to resist riding.” – Trey “I started riding a bike in 2015 in Pittsburgh as the main transportation. I was scared to death before. After I started riding two cyclists died in traffic-related incidents in Pittsburgh. Yet I put on a brave race and rode 4,262+ miles across ten states from VA to OR in the summer of 2016. Some of the stories from my journey are here.” – Seth “I got a Raleigh bike when I was 12 years old. My dad gave it to me. I immediately loved riding it, felt liberated and free. I’ve been riding every since, and now enjoy my fixed gear, road bike and touring bike.” – Tom “I started biking because I don’t know how to drive and not excited to learn. Plus I’m a slow walker, so I’m always late for the bus. I started as a way to commute, but now biking is also my source of joy, adventure and connection. When I moved to DC, I met my first friends from biking. My partner and I try to go on a bike-camping trip regularly. I feel like I’m always planning a bike tour in the back of my head.” – Harum “After I rode a tricycle, my first bike was a ‘lowrider’ style and cool as breeze in the land of enchantment.” – Gab

What is your favorite thing about biking?

“Seeing parts of the city that are never seen from a car, a bus or a train.” – Melissa “I love being outdoors and biking helps me better interact and explore nature. I also love to explore so biking is a fun way to explore my surroundings and constantly find new things in the world that are exciting.” – Trey “Biking has taken me to farther places than I imagined.” – Seth “I like the openness, fresh air, the silence, and the union of muscle-power and bike speed.” – Tom “I can’t get enough of the fact that I’m being propelled forward by my own body and power.” – Harum “Go to places without touching the ground physically like I’m hovering by the work of my own body.” – Gab

What are you excited to do as a Trail Ranger this summer?

“Meet people and see Washington DC’s wildlife. This city has an amazing range of interesting people and lots of wild animals.” – Melissa “I’m really excited to interact with other bikers. It’s fun riding by yourself but way more exhilarating sharing your experiences with other people who enjoy the same hobby as you. I also can’t wait to help people out because its always been something I’ve been good at. I am excited to be a Trail Ranger and make an impact in my community.” – Trey “I am exited to be meeting trail users on a regular basis to get to know them by name, hear their bike/non-bike related stories and share my own stories with them.” – Seth “I’m excited to be a part of WABA, as a vocation that I value highly. Being of service to the community, meeting new people, all while on a bike, that’s exciting to me.” – Tom “I’m so stoked to meet trail users and hear stories of the neighborhoods that the trails serve.” – Harum “Team up with Trail Rangers of diverse backgrounds and interact with the communities of all DC!!!” – Gab

How you can get involved

Stop by our monthly “coffee hour” on the Metropolitan Branch Trail tomorrow: April 14th, from 7:30 – 9:30 am at 4th and S St NE! More information about the programs.