Strong Women of the Future

WABA’s youth education team recently spent several hours with a girls empowerment group at Capital City PCS on a cool early spring day.  We worked in a safe, paved, off road space at the school to build confidence and skills. Starting from how to properly fit and adjust a helmet, we progressed through checking the bike for basic mechanical issues to combining more advanced looking and braking skills to successfully navigate the chaos box without a crash. With increased confidence from skills development, we then went on two short rides of about two miles each out into the community.  When told how far we had gone, the group of 6th-8th graders were amazed at how far they were able to carry themselves on their bikes.  They were excited about the opportunities and freedom presented by traveling by bike and not having to rely on parents to drive them or what bus transfer they would need to take to get to a friends house. Watch for them to pedal on by headed to great things.  

Capital City PCS Young Women on Bikes