Wanted: Videos of the Good, Bad & Ugly of DC Roads

Have you been biking or walking in DC and seen behavior that makes you cringe? Maybe it’s a driver running a red light or a delivery vehicle parked in a bike lane. Maybe you have seen great things as you traveled, like families with young kids using protected bike lanes, or delivery vehicles stationed outside of bike lanes with cones. Or maybe you’ve captured video of people navigating bad infrastruture—trying to cross a busy street, trying to merge out of a disappearing bike lane. If you have seen anything like this, we want your help! Here’s what we are looking for:
  • Videos that show the good, bad, and the ugly of roads and road users.
  • Videos should be less than 2 minutes long.
  • Please take a few moments to describe what is happening in the video, including when and where it was taken.
  • Post the video to any of the following social media:
    • Twitter using #streetsforpeopleDC and tag @wabadc and @dcvisionzero in the post.
    • Instagram and tag @wabadc and #streetsforpeopleDC
    • Facebook and tag @wabadc #streetsforpeopleDC
    • Or download your video and send it to us at renee.moore@waba.org and we’ll post it to YouTube. In the subject line put VZ DC roads video
Here are a few more examples: https://twitter.com/ATPcommutes/status/878952644492001281       We will share and promote the videos to help make the experience of bicyclists and pedestrians easier to see and understand. We appreciate you helping us to collect videos of DC streets!