That “WOW WOW BIKE LANE” feeling

Last week, when I turned into the bike lane on 5th St NW to ride around McMillan Reservoir, I noticed something: a new string of flex posts. The painted bike lane suddenly was a protected bike lane. Instead of being a place where I felt begrudgingly permitted, 5th Street was a place I felt welcome. And you know what? That feeling was AWESOME. I actually shouted into the wind: WOW WOW WOW!

I hope you know the feeling I’m talking about— the joy and delight of a great place to ride. Will you make a donation to WABA today and invest in a future where you get that WOW WOW WOW BIKE LANE feeling all the time?

Riding our bikes shouldn’t be stressful! Everywhere we ride we should have designated space for us that’s separated from car traffic, whether it’s by concrete, or plastic, or old railroad ties, or very sturdy potted plants. Because when I’m riding in a protected bike lane I feel safer, and I suspect you do too. I feel seen. I feel like not only can I ride my bike to get around—I’m invited to ride. 

WABA wants streets where everyone feels invited to ride a bike—where feeling safe, and seen, and welcome on a bike are built into the very design of every road. But we can’t make that future happen without your financial support today.

Will you give today to join the fight for better, safer places to ride?