Juneteenth Celebrations

Friday, June 19, 2020, 10:21 AM

Various Locations


Black voices, Black bodies, and blackness should be honored, centered and celebrated!

Below are a few ways to participate today:

Defend Black Lives Freedom Day March

Hosted by the Movement for Black Lives.

The day is filled with events for all ages. If this is your first time celebrating Juneteenth, you might start with a traditional celebration like this one. It involves a bit of walking, but it should be informative, celebratory and accessible.

Black Mamas March 

A family friendly event, and a great way to engage children in supporting the movement for black lives. 11am-1pm

Sweet Honey in the Rock

A concert that highlights the distinct flavor, ethos and creativity of black vocal artistry. The event is free but we suggest getting a ticket. Proceeds benefit the Equal Justice Initiative. 8pm

Mass Poor People’s Assembly & Moral March On Washington

June 20th. (tomorrow!) This looks like a pretty awesome online event.

If you miss the first broadcast, it will be shown again on Sunday, June 21.

WAMU has a more comprehensive list of regional events here.


Everyone can celebrate Juneteenth, but it is not about everyone. That means if you are not African American, (even if you are an ally) this day is not about you. Honor, center, and celebrate the Black people in your life, and be mindful of the space you are taking up in your celebrating.