Meet Jeslyn Zakes, Our New Membership and Database Coordinator

Hey there! My name is Jeslyn Zakes and I am the newest member of the WABA team as the Membership and Database Coordinator.

Since childhood, I’ve held a very intimate relationship with biking. As a teenager growing up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY, where there is minimal public transportation, my bike became a means of freedom. I remember the excitement my family felt when an offshoot of the Empire State Trail—a 750 mile bike path that connects Buffalo to New York City,—was extended to the park at the end of my street. Since then, this trail has become pivotal to my family’s outdoor recreational experience, from long dog walks to bike rides along the Erie Canal.

When I arrived in DC five years ago for college, I was immediately inspired by the variety of ways that residents use bikes to better their lives. I still have a lot to learn about bicycling, but am lucky to be a part of such a vibrant community full of passion and knowledge.

As the Membership and Database Coordinator, I hope to share the excitement that I once felt about a simple bike path with every member, and every bicyclist that I connect with. If you’d like to chat about bikes, databases, membership, or anything really, feel free to reach out via email at Nice to meet you!