2022 Membership Drive

Sept 20 - Oct 3


WABA Signature Event - Meetup

WABA members are at the forefront of our fight for a transportation system that works for everyone in the region. Your membership allows us to achieve our mission of empowering people to ride bikes, build connections and transform places.

Celebrate our 50th year and join WABA or renew your membership during our 2022 Fall Membership Drive, September 20th – October 3rd, and take advantage of some additional membership perks and discounts that are only available during the drive! This includes: 

  • a NEW WABA 50th Anniversary sticker and entry into a WABA merch giveaway for EVERY new member or renewal, 
  • Discounted Classic membership ($60/year or $6/month discounted through October 3 to $50/year or $5/month), 
  • First access to the new 50th Anniversary WABA merchandise

For more information on the perks and discounts included with your WABA membership, visit our Membership FAQ.

In celebration of our 50th year, help us grow our membership. Refer 3 of your friends, family, coworkers, or other people in your network to become WABA members, we will extend your membership for another year. Once they have joined, send an email to with their names and we will take care of the rest. 

Our Pay-What-You-Can Membership model, gets you a YEAR-LONG membership for ANY personally meaningful contribution you make. You read that right, ANY donation you make to WABA at any amount will get you a year-long membership!

Because of the strong support from our members, WABA celebrated a variety of major victories this year, moving towards our vision of  a region where biking, walking, and transit are the best ways to get around. Here are a few of those victories:

  • On May 26, the Montgomery County Council voted 9-0 to add $10.7 million to the Capital Budget to fund the construction of:
    • A 1.3 mile protected bike lane on Cherry Hill Road
    • Two new Neighborhood Greenways in Wheaton;
    • One new Neighborhood Greenway in SIlver Spring;
    • Three new Neighborhood Greenways in Langley park; &
    • An additional $2m in planning for other tier one Bicycle Master Plan projects.
  • As a part of our on-going campaign to complete a low-stress bike network in Washington, DC, the installation of the eastern downtown protected bike lane (DC) has begun and is set to be complete by next Spring. This project and many other projects are set to be installed because advocates organized and thousands of people took action. 
  • Arlington County released its final plans detailing the Crystal City Bike Network alignment, and their implementation timeline for delivering these improvements have been published on the project website
  • The Virginia Passenger Rail Authority (VPRA) shared plans for the Long Bridge Project during a public meeting on June 22nd. WABA has been invested in the effort to build a better Long Bridge for over a decade, standing alongside the more than 1,400 community members who submitted comments on the project.
  • Fairfax County is updating and combining the Bicycle Master Plan and the Countywide Trails Plan into the ActiveFairfax Transportation Plan. Active transportation means self-propelled, mostly human-powered travel including walking, biking, rolling (scooter, wheelchair, stroller), hiking, running, and riding for transportation and recreational purposes.
  • On May 10, 2022, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors unanimously endorsed the Safe Streets for All Program, a comprehensive initiative to address systemic transportation safety issues for people walking, biking and using other forms of active transportation.
  • WABA has taken a role in the Transportation Equity Network, bringing underrepresented voices to the table on transportation issues at the intersection of climate change. 
  • On June 8, WABA and former Executive Director Ludwig Gaines, headed to Capitol Hill to testify before the U.S House Highways and Transit subcommittee! The hearing focused on Federal Highway Administration’s safety programs and how new funding and policy changes made by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act could help to stem the startling rise in traffic deaths over the last few years. 
  • Planners for two of the Capital Trails Coalition’s top priority trails projects — a bike and pedestrian span alongside the future Long Bridge between Arlington, VA and Washington, DC and the South Capitol Street Trail in DC’s Ward  8 — received word that they had been granted $30 million through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s extremely competitive FY22 Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program.
  • Numerous transformative DC budget victories from last year including: a legislative act that will create a dedicated funding source for the Vision Zero Bill and future bike and pedestrian projects, and dedicated funding for the Connecticut Avenue NW Protected Bike Lane, the 9th Street NW Protected Bike Lane, for expanding and developing our Trails Network, and for expanding the DC Trail Ranger Program – which means year-round staff for trail outreach and maintenance. 
  • And much more! Read more about WABA’s advocacy initiatives and wins so far this year in our Summer Advocacy Round-Up blog post.

We have a lot more that we would like to accomplish in the coming years:

  • completing the Capital Trails Network,
  • building a Low Stress Network in DC,
  • furthering our work with the DC Transportation Equity Network, and much, much more–including, of course, going on some great bike rides together.

Join or renew your membership today to get us there!

Our Pay-What-You-Can Membership model, gets you a YEAR-LONG membership for ANY personally meaningful contribution you make. You read that right, ANY donation you make to WABA at any amount will get you a year-long membership!

If you’re already a WABA member, thank you!  When you renew during this drive, you will get all of the perks and we’ll extend your membership for one year. Or drop us a line at and you can gift a membership to a friend or a new rider. For more information or to get your questions answered about WABA membership, visit our Membership FAQ page, or send an email to Check out our WABA Store! For your member discount for the WABA store, email