WABA members are building a sustainable transportation system.

First, the tough reality: there’s no denying that the effects of human-made climate change are here. We’re already seeing big effects like extreme weather conditions here in the DC region.

Now for the good news: we know what we need to do to make transportation in the DC area more sustainable. In our region, transportation is 21% of greenhouse gas emissions…most of which is from passenger vehicles. We need to work together to get more people where they need to go by foot, by bike, and by transit.

Our region needs big plans for how to meet this big threat to our region. WABA is ready with big dreams of a transportation system where cruising down a protected bike lane, catching a bus or train, and enjoying a walk to work, school or the store is easier than ever.

Thanks to the support of 7,500 WABA members making this region a great place to ride, more people than ever are already biking for transportation. But that’s only an option when people feel safe on the roads.

To get even more people riding in 2023, WABA is organizing for more trails and protected bike lanes, empowering people of all experience levels to ride bikes with confidence, and advocating for safe streets that center people, not cars.

I hope we’ll see you in the bike lanes, on the trails, and riding Metro in the coming year as we work together to make this region a place where walking, biking, and transit are the best ways to get around!