Weigh in on DDOT’s ideas for Bladensburg Road NE

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Update: the survey deadline has been extended to Friday, January 20, 2023

Since early 2022, the District Department of Transportation has been working on a broad study of multimodal safety and access on Bladensburg Road, NE from H St/ Benning Road to the Maryland line at Eastern Avenue. After presenting concept designs at a public workshop in December, DDOT is seeking feedback and input on the concepts in an online survey.

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Bladensburg Road serves many different needs with few alternate routes. It is designated as a Transit Priority, Bicycle Priority, and Freight Priority Corridor, so success is about finding a safe balance of priorities.

The good news – both concepts include continuous protected bike lanes from Benning Rd to Eastern Ave to support residents and businesses, fewer driving lanes for less speeding, and opportunities for more (& safer) pedestrian crossings. The big questions at this stage are about the broad questions.

  • What is more important for each segment: bus lanes & queue jumps, rush hour driving lanes, loading zones, or full-time parking?
  • Where should left turns be prohibited for simpler, safer intersections?
  • What is the safest way to get people on foot and bikes across New York Ave? (not Concept 2, please)
  • What is an appropriate speed and how can the road design encourage driving that speed?
  • How wide should the bike lanes and buffers be?
  • How far is too far to cross the street?

To answer these questions, DDOT has assembled bird’s eye maps of segments of Bladensburg, developed 2 or more concepts for each segment, and created a survey for your input. You can take it in as little as 5 minutes or really dig in with detailed comments. For more detailed maps, find the link to a high-resolution pdf below each survey question. The survey closes on Friday, January 20.

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Concept 1 and 2 comparison at New York Ave (Source DDOT)