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It’s our annual fall membership drive! We disrupt our regularly scheduled updates to urge you to join or renew with WABA today.  You’ve asked for more ways to show your support, show your appreciation, and show your demand for better biking. Well, we made you something special. If you’ve already joined or renewed this week,  you can ask your friends to join or renew their WABA membership and we’ll send you your very own “MORE PROTECTED BIKE LANES” sticker! To get your “More Protected Bike Lanes” sticker, click here to email, tweet, or Facebook your friends!    

Better Bike Lanes, and Other Concrete Benefits of Membership

It’s our annual fall membership drive! We disrupt our regularly scheduled updates to urge you to join or renew with WABA today. Join or renew this week for a limited-edition “Stress Less” t-shirt
Dog in tshirt

Everyone loves these shirts! Celebrate the joy of low-stress places to bike!

Yes Please!

We don’t shy away from enumerating your membership benefits. First and most importantly your financial support directly supports our work to improve your bike experience.  Our small staff is deeply knowledgable, efficient, and passionate about our mission, so your membership dollars do a lot of hard work to make this region better! But there are more concrete WABA benefits beyond just bike infrastructure:

Membership Benefits!

  • Click here to view a list of area bike shops that provide discounts on parts, accessories, or bikes if you present your WABA membership card.
  • Gain access to WABA’s ride calendar, featuring regional favorites like the 50 States Ride & 13 Colonies Ride, the Vasa Ride, and the upcoming Cider Ride.
  • Reserve one of our complimentary Bike Boxes when you travel with your bike.

Join or renew today!

Membership Perks!

  • Better Backs Athletic & Physical Therapy: 15% off all products and services.
  • Bike and Roll: $10 off bike rentals and $10 off bike tours. Learn More
  • Bike Escapades: WABA members receive $150 off their bike touring trips (with an additional $150 donated to WABA). Learn More
  • Czech Active Tours: Save $50 off a bike rental at any of their European Bike Tours when you mention WABA. They will donate an additional $50 to WABA. Learn More
  • Save $5 every time you reserve a bike at one of their 250+ locations. Contact for discount code. Learn More
  • Annie’s Ace Hardware: 5% off one item under $50. Learn more
  • Brighter Days Collective Dog Walking & Pet Sitting: Get the cost of your WABA membership deducted from your dog walking bill! Learn More
  • Car2Go: $15 Car2Go Membership (Usually $35) + 30 free minutes of drive time. Contact for discount code. Learn more
  • Embody Pure Fitness: 15% discount on any personal training package and a free fitness evaluation. Learn more
  • Flow Yoga: 15% discount on all classes! Learn More
  • Gottaswing: 20% off beginner classes for first-time students at DC locations. Learn more
  • Lunar Massage: Free membership ($40 savings) at all Lunar Massage locations. Learn more
  • Momentum Magazine: Free digital subscription. Email for details.
  • Results Gym: 20% the monthly rate of chosen membership and discounted enrollment fee with WABA Member card. Learn More
  • Studio Theatre: WABA members can receive a 20% discount on tickets to all shows in Studio Theatre’s 2014-2015 Season, excluding Studio Lab. Limit of two tickets per member. This special discount is valid for any performance in the first three weeks of a show’s run, excluding Saturday evenings. E-mail for a discount code
  • Tranquil Space: Unlimited 15% discounts on 1,6, or 10 class pass purchases at either Tranquil Space location (Dupont or Arlington). Learn more
  • Up the Creek Rentals: 10% off kayak rentals.  Learn more
  • YMCA: Enrollment fee is reduced ($50) and 10% off monthly dues at all DC, MD, and VA locations. Discount does not apply at the 14th & W NW location. Learn More
  • ZipCar: Half off your first-year annual fee (making it just $30)! Email for discount code.

What are you waiting for?

 Membership Pluses!

  • Better World Club: Better World Club is an auto and travel club that supports alternative modes of transportation and environmental responsibility. They provide roadside assistance for cars as well as for bicycles and provide an alternative for those who want the services, but not the auto-centric lobbying. Join through this link and use the code “WABA”. BWC makes a donation to WABA for each new member that joins.
  • WABA “Share the Road” Credit Card: WABA has partnered with Signal Financial Federal Credit Union to create a program called “Our Two Cents.” A portion of interest earned on your WABA Visa card will be contributed towards bicycle safety in metropolitan DC. Learn more and sign up today!
  • Road ID: WABA became an affiliate of Road ID – the company that makes identification accessories for cyclists, runners, and other active individuals who may not have their identification or relevant medical information with them during their activities. WABA receives 10% of the purchase. Learn more.

Holy smokes you gotta do this!

Seven successes in six months that we couldn’t have done without you

It’s our annual fall membership drive! We disrupt our regularly scheduled updates to urge you to join or renew with WABA today.  Your membership dollars do a lot of hard work—here’s what your support has accomplished in the last six months:

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act of 2015

After months of conversations with a working group co-chaired by WABA, Councilmember Mary Cheh introduced the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act of 2015. Holy mackerel is right, the bill includes many changes to District law to make city streets safer for biking and walking. Check out other legislation to watch for this fall.

I want better bike laws! 


Our first-ever Summer Bike Camp

Sun's out, tongues out Thanks to our 14 campers we rode around the city, toured many of D.C.’s iconic sites, mastered safe riding techniques, biked over 50 miles, and built their own bikes (from the brakes down to the derailleurs)! Click here to see a full recap.

I want to see more kids on bikes! 


Super successful Trail Ranger season

Trail Ranger Team Throughout the summer months of 2015 our team of Trail Rangers biked 2,832 miles of trail as they removed 80 bags of trash, reported 150 issues, de-graffiti’d with 11 gallons of paint, and coordinated 100 hours of cleanup. Click here to see a full recap!

I want to see more trails! 


Second protected bike lane in Montgomery County

15448745549_c1da903c80_z Thanks to the relentless work of WABA’s Montgomery County Action Committee, the County has committed to build a second protected bike lane in White Flint along Nebel Street. Montgomery County is also updating their bike master plan in 2015 and 2016 which has the potential to be one of the best suburban plans in the country! To learn more about what Action Committees are doing near you and get involved, click here.

I want more protected bike lanes in maryland! 


1,019 miles pulled with the Arlington PAL Ambassador Billboard

15831059964_1a1a29ac5a_b Thanks to our partnership with BikeArlington and nearly 100 volunteer PAL Ambassadors, we’re shaping Arlington roadway culture in. Through trailering, in-person outreach, and streetcorner outreach we’re reminding all road-users to be Predictable, Alert, and Lawful. Click here to find out more and join us this Thursday!

I want friendlier roads! 


The first Rain-free Bike to Work Day in a while!

BTWD-WX-small-2 Thanks to all your work with the weather gods we successfully reached thousands of new bicyclists this year. Of the record breaking 17,500 people who registered this year 6,800 people said it was their first time participating in BTWD!

I want more people to bike to work! 

It’s the 2015 Membership Drive!

It’s our annual fall membership drive! We disrupt our regularly scheduled updates to urge you to join or renew with WABA today. Why? Well to start with:  Join or renew with WABA between October 18th – 25th for a limited-edition “Stress Less” bike lane t-shirt!


Join or Renew right now! 

You already know that people who have access to biking benefit from a healthier, more-connected, more vibrant community. You share our commitment to make biking safe, normal, and popular in our cities and for generations to come. When you join WABA you support our work to advocate for a network of protected, low-stress bike lanes and trails. When you join WABA, you join more than 5,000 residents from across the region who understand how important it is for communities to support and prioritize biking. You join more than 5,000 other people who understand that it takes relentless work by skilled advocates and passionate volunteers to make space for bikes on our regions roads.

Join or Renew today 

The benefits of joining WABA are clear: You support our advocacy work to improve policies, grow the region’s system of protected bike infrastructure, and expand our bike education and outreach efforts. You gain access to a list of local businesses who support your decision to bike, and you gain access to a like-minded community of people who care about making biking better for everyone. Whether you bike with your children on the weekends, bike to work occasionally, or you use your bike every day to run errands around town, your WABA membership is working to improve your bike experience.

What are you waiting for?

Photo by Ryan Lovin

Photo by Ryan Lovin


  • Click here for a list of membership perks.
  • Our limited-edition T-shirt helps us tell the story of protected bike lanes.
  • It’s hip, cool, soft, and limited edition! That means only the first 500 people are guaranteed a shirt. We may do a second run if there’s enough demand.
  • Click here to view the t-shirt size chart. We will do our best to get you the first size you selected but there is a limited number of each size. Sizes available are XS-XL.
  • Current WABA Members can receive our limited edition shirt by renewing their membership. We’ll add a year to your current expiration date.
  • Annual membership is good for one-calendar year. Auto-renewing memberships are charged on the same date every year and do not expire until payment stops.
  • Memberships bought or renewed during the membership drive week include all regular WABA Member Benefits.

Tonight’s PAL Ambassador Block Party!

You ready for our monthly Arlington Block Party? Meet us at the corner of N. Sycamore St. and Lee Highway between 4:30pm and 6:30pm. The PAL Ambassadors will have signs, giveaways, and some surprises! Click here for more information.
BikeArlington launched the PAL campaign 2 years ago with the strong sentiment that no matter who we are or how we choose to get around town, our roadways depend on a social contract that everyone is following the rules and paying attention. Whether we’re walking, driving, or biking we rely on our fellow road-users to be PALs; Predictable. Alert. Lawful. The mission of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association is to create a healthy, more livable region by promoting bicycling for fun, fitness, and affordable transportation; advocating for better bicycling conditions and transportation choices for a healthier environment; and educating children, adults, and motorists about safe bicycling.   PAL-logo

Celebrate Kidical MASSIVE, The Worldwide Celebration Of Family Biking!

unnamed The international family biking movement is uniting on a single day to celebrate the joy of biking with children, and the DC area is leading the pack! On Saturday, September 19th, Kidical Mass groups from Hungary to California are hosting rides to demonstrate that biking with kids is easy, safe, healthy and FUN. With seven groups in the area, the Greater Washington region boasts the highest concentration of Kidical Mass groups in the world, a testament to the recent explosion of families bicycling for fun and transportation throughout the region. All seven groups will be involved in this MASSIVE event. In fact, Kidical MASSIVE will see the Washington region’s family biking scene grow with the inaugural ride of Kidical Mass Prince George’s County in College Park. Everyone is welcome on the rides – with or without children.   Four Ride Locations! On Saturday, September 19 at 10am, rides will leave from: Washington, D.C.: Stanton Park, hosted by Kidical Mass DC Arlington, VA: LBJ Grove, hosted by Kidical Mass Arlington, Kidical Mass Alexandria, and Kidical Mass Falls Church Gaithersburg, MD: Main Street Pavilion, hosted by Bike Gaithersburg and Kidical Mass Rockville College Park, MD; Calvert Park, hosted by Kidical Mass Prince George’s County About Kidical Mass Kidical Mass is a safe and FUN bike movement for kids, kids at heart, and families of all types. The first ride was held in April 2008 in Eugene, Oregon, and now dozens of communities throughout North America and beyond have rides. These inclusive, family friendly rides take short, flat, safe routes through their communities. Usually, rides start and end parks, ice cream shops, pools, events, or other fun spots. More than 30 American Kidical Mass groups plan to take part in this MASSIVE event, from Buffalo, New York to Walla Walla, Washington and Brownsville, Texas. Internationally, more than 35 groups plan to ride along, in six countries. Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.28.36 PM

Biking and Gender-Based Street Harassment, It sucks

11878984_10206445322627722_4681328641758310279_o Things I heard on my bike ride the other day: “Hey Baby- come over here,” “Damn I wish I was that bicycle,” “Get out of the road you stupid [gender expletive],” “HONK HONK, HONK HONK HONK, HONK HONK HONK HONK.” Most bicyclists get yelled at, honked at, threatened, and experience near-misses or direct harm. We all have bike horror stories. Everyday roadway interactions take on different forms for Women, Women of Color, queer and trans women.  Being on a bike invites nuance in gender-based street harassment and the aftermath. Sure, I feel much more safe on a bike than I do walking, especially at night, because I have the power to escape and often I can avoid the interaction in the first place. But when I’m on my bike I’m more visible, more physical, more assertive, and strong. I take the lane and wait beside lines of cars and packs of peoples at stop lights. I’ve re-wired my brain take up public space and wield my physical power. I stand out. Ask a room full of women who bike about street harassment and you’ll hear a complete range and repetition of experiences: catcalls, whistles, kissy noises, offensive pick-up lines, offensive comments on our body or gender expression or race or sexual identity, belittling comments, attempts to look up skirts, attempts to grab your butt, actually being grabbed in the butt, being followed, the threat of physical harm, being chased off the road, and in the rare but very real case – physical harm. Not only does harassment change when I’m on a bike, so do outcomes. Likely the person is in a car, likely I’m on a road that was designed for cars, likely they outweigh me by a few tons, and if they threaten my life with their car likely I’m in a jurisdiction with arcane and outdated legal structures designed for people in cars. If I get hit, hurts or emotionally scarred, likely society and society’s legal structure will tell me it was my fault. I invited it. I misinterpreted. I shouldn’t be biking at night. I should’ve taken a defense class. Why didn’t I have pepper spray. I should’ve been out with a group of friends. My clothing was inappropriate. Oh – come on, boys will be boys. Physical harm is an extreme example, though a very real example. What’s more likely to happen is that over time the people who experience harassment regularly start to subconsciously and consciously change their own behaviors. Likely we smile and interact in public less. We change our route, change our routine, change our wardrobe, turn hurt, angry, bitter, and resentful. I know I have. Women & Bicycles is holding our FREE 3rd-annual Biking and Street Harassment Workshop with the Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS) open to all women, trans women, and gender non-conforming folks. We hope you can join us. Mark your calendars. Click here to learn what CASS is doing in our region to stop street harassment. Click here to read the first National Report on Street Harassment.

Are you our next PAL Ambassador Coordinator?

10730970_10153393462823374_5631399936775476039_n Are you our next PAL Ambassador coordinator? Want to be a community organizer for a more predictable, alert, and lawful culture on our roads? Perks of the job: -Community organizing for for a better Arlington -Brainstorming, crafting, sign-making -Biking around with a trailer -Getting to call everyone PAL -Let’s  be real, part of this job is getting paid to ride your bike around and be nice to people. Click here for more information on the PAL Ambassador Coordinator position. We’ve extended our deadline to Monday, July 20th. Send your cover letter and resume to

JOB: Part-Time PAL Ambassador Program Coordinator!

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) is looking for a part-time coordinator for the Arlington PAL Ambassador program, a community-oriented outreach and encouragement program to inspire more road-users to be predictable, alert, and lawful. The PAL Ambassadors are educators and enthusiasts who work to bring better bicycling to the people of Arlington County.  Ambassadors commit through their actions to be a PALs; more predictable, alert, lawful road user. And help shape roadway culture by attending volunteer nights and PAL block parties where we promote our messages, get creative, and get interactive at intersections. The Arlington PAL Ambassador Coordinator is responsible for most aspects of the program, including volunteer recruitment,  event scheduling and staffing, and developing and executing new outreach ideas. The PAL Ambassador coordinator will also maintain and expand the program’s trailer program, our rolling bike billboards with PAL messaging. The position will report to WABA’s Outreach Coordinator. This position is part-time, 20 hours/week and compensation is $14 per hour. Responsibilities The Arlington PAL  Ambassador Coordinator will:
  • Run the calendar of two monthly PAL events and appear in public as the face of area bicycling.
  • Develop and implement the volunteer night and block party, including: messaging, scheduling, logistics, volunteer coordination, loading and unloading, staffing, and pulling the bicycle trailer.
  • Communicate an effective and encouraging message about bikes and bicycling to volunteer PAL ambassadors, and bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians.
  • Run the Bike Ambassador Trailer program, which involves pulling our advertising/public awareness bike trailer specific to bicyclist, motorist and pedestrian behaviors.
  • Administration tasks, including: volunteer recruitment/coordination, data entry, equipment maintenance, clerical work, and grant reporting.
Preferred Qualifications The ideal candidate will have:
  • A strong commitment to WABA’s mission and be a skillful and committed bicyclist with a solid understanding of the principles of bicycling safety and traffic law.
  • Experience in project management, events planning/management, marketing and/or volunteer coordination.
  • Supervisory experience a plus.
  • Excellent writing, presentation and public speaking skills.
  • A flexible schedule and willingness to work evenings.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, Facebook and Twitter, experience with Salsa/Democracy in Action and WordPress a plus.
  • The ability to pull a bicycle trailer weighing 10 lbs. for 1-3 hours.
  • The ability to lift at least 50 lbs.
  • The ability to organize time wisely and multi-task in a relaxed, fun environment.
  • Conversational fluency in Spanish strongly preferred.
  • Prior League of American Bicyclist Instructor certification a plus.
About the Washington Area Bicyclist Association Making bicycling better through advocacy and education, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) promotes biking as a healthy, low-cost, and environmentally-friendly form of transportation and recreation. With 4,000 members region-wide, WABA serves bicyclists throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, including the District of Columbia and parts of Maryland and Virginia. Contact Send a cover letter and resume to by Friday, July 17th. No phone calls please. Position available immediately. WABA is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability, sex or age.
WABA’s working with BikeArlington to recruit a community of volunteers to inspire more Predictable, Alert, and Lawful road culture in Arlington County. Bike billboards, pizza nights, and block parties — all on your commute home. BikeArlington launched the PAL campaign 2 years ago with the strong sentiment that no matter who we are or how we choose to get around town, our roadways depend on a strong social contract. Whether we’re walking, driving, or biking we rely on our fellow road-users to be PALs; Predictable. Alert. Lawful.    

The First Anacostia Bike Clinic of the Season was AWESOME.

Clinic Takeover! This season’s East of the River Bike Clinics are off to an awe-inspiring start! During these clinics, co-organized and co-hosted by District Public Libraries, The Bike House, WABA, and Capitol Hill Bikes,  we provide bike tips, tricks and trivia, and get people engaged in the bike advocacy process. Thanks to our great team of coordinators and partners, clinic patrons get paired up with a mechanic and gain wisdom from their “each one teach one” approach. They learn how to work on their own bike and get it ready to go! This past Saturday, with the help of 12 volunteers (including special guest mechanic MPD Officer Bear and Eric) we were able to get 48 bikes up and running and folks out to ride!