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  The holiday season is upon us, and while there is plenty to be thankful for and jolly about, coming up a gift for that one friend, coworker, or family member can be quite daunting… maybe WABA can help! Give the gift of comfort… WABA socks are the perfect present for everyone, on a bike or not! Give them to your favorite rider to wear on the trails or with their best suit to work. The best part about giving WABA socks is that you can both participate in the social media fun that is #wabasockwednesday. Give the gift of style… Everyone will turn heads seeing your friends whiz past in a WABA jersey. In men’s and women’s sizes, the WABA jersey is great for dedicated members who want to share their love of WABA wherever they ride! Give the gift of better bicycling… Have an all star bike rider in your social circle? Gifting someone a 1 Year Membership Certificate introduces them to WABA classes, events, and a community of like-minded individuals who love to be on a bike too! Best of all, we’re giving you a gift, too: use the code WABAHOLIDAY at our online store to receive 10% off your order! Another great way to support WABA this season is by giving to our non-profit mission to support better bicycling! Make a gift in memory or in honor of your favorite bicyclist, or to celebrate your most recent great ride. Come celebrate the joy of biking with us at the WABA Member Holiday Party at Bar Roubaix (14th and Irving Streets NW) on Wednesday, December 13th from 6-9pm and enjoy an extra 10% off all merchandise!

Meet Jono, a WABA volunteer hero

WABA is excited to introduce Jono Sirovitka, a, dedicated member who just can’t stay away from bicycling! Jono is a research technician at the National Institute of Health and a Montgomery County native. When he’s not on a bike, you can find him hiking or whitewater kayaking inthe region. Whether he is riding in his favorite WABA signature event, The 50 States and 13 Colonies Ride, or volunteering in the office, Jono is invested in building better bicycling. “I have come to love biking for many reasons. As a mode of transportation, it feels good to know I’m not polluting. It keeps me healthy and in shape. Sometimes, I can even get places faster by bike than by car.” Jono first joined WABA five years ago and says, “I support a local organization that advocates for and does work in my community. I like being able to see the results of WABA’s efforts where I live and work.” Jono is also an active WABA volunteer, and we are always grateful to see his friendly face in the office. “I love meeting other volunteers and WABA staff. It’s great to see the inside workings of an organization I support. I’ve volunteered with other organizations, but rarely see my efforts translate to tangible results. With WABA, I do. Whether preparing materials for a ride or putting together membership packets, I feel my volunteer work is valued.” WABA is so happy to have Jono as a member, speedy envelope stuffer, and a passionate advocate for bicycling wherever he goes! Thank you, Jono! ______________________________________________________________________

WABA Member Highlight

Are you a WABA Member ready to share your story? We’d love to hear how you started bicycling or an inspirational tale of how it—and WABA!—has changed your life. Contact Tara Kelbaugh at membership@waba.org to share.

Meet Grace Clegg: Supporting WABA One Pun at a Time

In honor of our Membership Drive this week, we are excited to share the story of a fantastic WABA member, Grace Clegg! Also known as “Kitty”, Grace has been making an impression on WABA and the cycling community in the region for the five years that she has been a member.

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As she puts it, “if you’ve received an excruciatingly punny valentine from WABA; noticed someone dressed in a panda costume giving course directions at DC Bike Ride; or rode with a ride marshal who sang “State Songs” during The 50 States Ride, you may have encountered Grace “Kitty” Clegg. And she is not sorry for any of it.”   Grace has been bicycling fairly regularly since her days as an undergrad at Michigan State, so why did she join WABA? She recounts the initial conversation:
“Grace: “Wow! The 50 States Ride sounds awesome! But I’m not sure I can bike that far….” WABA Rep: “There is a shorter 13 Colonies option.” Grace: “Great! How do I sign up? WABA Rep: “You have to be a WABA member.” Grace: “I don’t know… what does WABA do?” WABA: “Advocates for better bicycling laws and infrastructure in the DC area” Grace: “So like a lobby for bike lanes?” WABA Rep: “Sorta…” Grace: “Great! How do I sign up?”
Grace joined WABA for the challenge and excitement of community cycling, but also understood that the work that WABA does in order to make bicycling safer and more accessible for everyone is far more than hosting fun events. “In a place where you can cross into 3 state jurisdictions within the first 10 minutes of a ride, WABA fills a critical role as a unifying and convening organization to bring together and advance the interests of cyclists throughout the region. I live in Virginia, work in DC, and ride in Maryland; with friends who have all possible combinations of the three. WABA works to ensure that bicycling is an option for all of the above!” This dedication to our mission and cause is what sparked her interest in representing Team WABA on the “Red, White, and Blue Ridge” Climate Ride! Each year this ride supports and raises awareness for environmental causes and sustainable modes of transportation during a three-day long adventure throughout VA and DC. Riders are required to meet a fundraising commitment of $2,000, and although this scared Grace at first, she was able to meet her goal with the help of supporters like you! “The majority of the donations came from generous WABA members who have already given money to WABA this year, but like me felt it was a group worth supporting again and again. Thanks to this strong (and growing!) bicycling community, I was granted a life-changing experience while giving back to the organization that makes that same community possible.” WABA is so happy to have Grace as a member and a passionate advocate for bicycling wherever she goes! Thank you, Grace!

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Want to meet fun and energizing members like Grace? Join us at these events:

TONIGHT (Tuesday): WABA Open House

Eat pizza with us and discuss how you fit in with WABA! Come stop by the WABA office for an Open House on Tuesday from 5:00pm – 7:30pm to meet staff and members. Details here.

TOMORROW (Wednesday): Coffee and Socks

Start your day with WABA members and staff at Peregrine Espresso at the 14th St. location (1718 14th Street NW) for our WABA Sock Wednesday Celebration from 7:30AM to 9:30AM to buy some awesome WABA socks, and drink coffee with friends. Show your WABA membership card and enjoy a $2 iced or hot drip coffee! Details here.

WABA Member Highlight

Are you a WABA Member ready to share your story? We’d love to hear how you started bicycling, or an inspirational tale of how it has changed your life.

Please contact Tara Kelbaugh at membership@waba.org if you would like to share.


Hey, it’s the 2017 Membership Drive!

We are so excited (really!) to spend this week talking about WABA membership. One of things that we celebrate at WABA is that lots of different kinds of people ride bikes for lots of different reasons. Whether you’re just learning to ride, taking kids to school, commuting everyday, training for a race, pedaling to the bus stop, or exploring the trail network on sunny weekends, you are welcome at WABA, and we are working on your behalf. We want you happy and safe, every time you ride, and we can’t do that without our members. We want you to be part of this movement.

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When you join WABA, you’re taking a stand. You believe biking is for everyone. It should be great for everyone.

But that’s not all:

Thought about refining your commuting skills at a City Cycling class? They’re free for WABA members! Want to explore your city, or the rural landscapes that surround it, on one of our signature rides? Become a member!

Why join now?

Well, because it’s our annual Membership Drive! This week only Join or renew for two years or at the Champion level to snag one of our new “Biking for Everyone” t-shirts!

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Still on the fence?

We have two awesome events this week that may change your mind. Come say hi:

WABA Open House

Visit the WABA office on Tuesday from 5:30pm – 7:30pm to mingle with other members, see where the magic happens, and pre-order your membership drive t-shirt! The informal open house will be a chance to chat with some of our staff and enjoy snacks and drinks with fellow members working to make biking in our region better. We’ll be selling our exclusive membership drive t-shirt (preorder only), socks to rock #wabasockwednesday the next day, and discounted jerseys. Come by and join WABA at a discount! Please RSVP here so we can have an accurate food and beverage count.

Coffee and Socks

Start your Wednesday—and all your coming Wednesdays—with a #wabasockwednesday moment! Join WABA folks at Peregrine Espresso on 14th Street (1718 14th Street NW) to enjoy a cup of coffee, purchase your own pair of signature socks to help rock the hashtag, and join WABA all in one place. Show proof of membership purchase or your WABA socks and enjoy a $2 iced or hot drip coffee until 11am, thanks to Peregrine. Stop by, grab a picture and eat a treat and use the hashtag #wabasockwednesday. What are you waiting for? Sign up today for reduced rates and thank you for supporting WABA!

We get by with a lot of help from our friends

Every year, hundreds and hundreds of you volunteer thousands of hours with WABA to improve biking across the region. We are so grateful for all of your help! If you volunteer with WABA, thank you! If  you haven’t yet, there are lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved!

Love long rides and fun events?

Sign up to volunteer at an WABA Signature Ride! Volunteers play a critical role in making these events a blast for everyone. The Cider Ride is on November 4th. Help our riders have a great time—sign up to help out!

Want to get more people excited about bicycling?

Join our Arlington PAL (Predictable, Alert, and Lawful) Ambassadors and a whole community of volunteers who host fun outreach events for everyone in the District. Bike billboards, pizza nights, and block parties — all on your commute home.

Looking to help WABA staff?

Once or twice a month, WABA invites volunteers into the office for snacks, drinks, and some behind-the-scenes help. You can find current opportunities here. Your volunteerism makes bicycling safer and more fun for everyone in the region, and it’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and fellow WABA members.To sign up for our monthly volunteer newsletter and learn about all the ways to get involved, click here.

And there’s more…

You can earn a free one-year WABA membership by volunteering! Volunteer with WABA three times in one year and you can apply for your earned membership. To learn more, sign up for our Volunteer Hub newsletter or email volunteer@waba.org.

Meet Rachel, A Sock Loving WABA Member!

Meet Rachel Maisler, a dedicated and enthusiastic WABA member who recently represented the WABA community at the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI)! Rachel, who has been an member since 2013, loves to show off her passion for WABA, proclaiming: “it’s all about the socks.” “Just kidding. I love WABA for so many reasons! WABA does a great job of building community among DC area cyclists and advocating for what’s important to its members.” It was this sense of community that Rachel brought with her to Iowa, where she completed the 411 mile journey for RAGBRAI XLV. Cyclists travel from around the world to Iowa to ride across the state in the world’s longest, largest, and oldest bicycle touring event. Although she was in another state, Rachel still felt like part of the WABA community. “I made sure to bring my WABA jersey and socks with me. Each time I wore them, people were shouting out that they’re from DC (or the suburbs), too. I probably ran into about 10 other WABA members on the ride.” “When I was trying to figure out how to get my bike to Iowa, I remembered WABA offers a bike box as a member benefit. I was able to pack up my bike and bring it on the plane with me.” When she is not representing WABA in rural Iowa, Rachel is involved with WABA closer to home. “Bike to Work Day is always fun. This year, my councilmember asked me to plan a route and ride to work with him on Bike to Work Day. It was really cool to ride with him and point out what DC does really well for cyclists and how the city can improve.” WABA is so happy to have Rachel as a member and a passionate advocate for bicycling wherever she goes! Thank you, Rachel! PS: Want to get a pair of those pink socks Rachel loves for yourself? You can purchase a pair here.

WABA Member Highlight

Are you a WABA Member ready to share your story? We’d love to hear how you started bicycling, or an inspirational tale of how it has changed your life. Contact Tara Kelbaugh at membership@waba.org if you would like to share.

Meet Tara, the new Membership Coordinator!

Hello, everyone! I am very excited to introduce myself as the Membership Coordinator here at WABA! I grew up in Philadelphia and moved to the Washington area about four years ago. I love being able to explore the city, especially on a bike. For me, biking is a great way to stay engaged and to travel effectively in the area. I am really excited to serve the WABA community in this role because without the support and dedication of our members, advocating for safer streets and sidewalks would be next to impossible. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you even more to best serve the needs of the community and WABA supporters. I can’t wait to meet everyone at our member event at the Crystal City Water Park on June 16th!