Meet Altor Locks, WABA’s latest Local Leader Business Member!

This is a guest post by WABA’s newest Business Member, Altor Locks.

Altor Locks is pleased to mark its arrival on the DC cycling scene by joining WABA as a Local Leader Business Member.

Altor didn’t set up shop in the Washington metro until late in 2017, but the company traces its origins to the area nonetheless. When avid Loudoun County, Virginia cyclist Karen Schaufeld couldn’t find a bike lock that offered the balance of security and portability she was looking for, she joined forces with mechanical engineer Dylan Cato to bring one to market. A 2015 Kickstarter campaign got Altor off the ground, and the company has since offered discerning cyclists worldwide lightweight bike locks that fold small, look sharp, and provide no-joke protection against theft.

Altor’s flagship product is the APEX Ti, a 715-gram beauty (available in six colors!) that combines Grade 5 titanium components with a disc detainer lock mechanism and hardened steel rivet caps to deliver confidence-inspiring bike security in a compact package. An included mount affixes the lock to a bike’s frame for easy transport, and modular design allows multiple locks to be combined for extra reach if necessary. A full-steel version, the APEX STL, just launched.

Altor is based out of Sterling, Virginia, a hop, skip, and a jump from the Washington and Old Dominion Trail. There Altor’s small and dedicated team designs, prototypes, assembles, and packages the locks then shipped to a growing and global customer base.

Our mission at Altor is to make the best bike lock out there, one that not only secures your cherished ride but itself sparks joy. We think that bike locks should not be merely uninspired must-haves, but something to get excited about. To get Washington area cyclists excited about bike security that doesn’t slow you down or cramp your style, we’re offering WABA members 25% off purchases from Use code WabaLocks25, and happy cycling!

Meet Tessla Wilson, our new Business Partnerships Coordinator

I am Tessla Wilson and I am the new Business Partnerships Coordinator at WABA!

I was raised by an industrious and extremely hardworking single mother of two. Being that my mother’s time and resources were extremely limited, teaching me to ride a bike was at the very bottom of her list—and in the absence of an older sibling, I was left to my own devices to learn. I spent many years being envious of the freedom that the neighborhood kids enjoyed riding bikes. They were able to explore beyond our street and build friendships that I was unable to join in on due to my lack of mobility on two wheels.  

It wasn’t until thirteen that I turned to the younger kids to teach me to ride. Being that none of them were WABA instructors, I lost a lot of skin (and pride) that day, but eventually succeeded. As my little family grew older, riding bikes became a cherished family past time that allowed us to explore our city together.

My college and early career was shaped by my desire to be an advocate for those who were not afforded the same privilege that I grew to have. It became my mission to not only be a voice for the marginalized but also to take an active part in shaping the future to one of equity and access for all. That same desire brought me to WABA, and I am so excited to work towards WABA’s vision of a healthier region (for both our environment and our bodies) with our local and national business partners! If you own or work for a company that is looking for partnership or sponsorship opportunities, I would love to chat or meet up for coffee. You can reach me at