Online How to: Fix-a-flat

Join the DC Bike Ambassadors as they walk you through how to fix a flat on your bike! Has your bike been sitting because of a punctured inner tube or are you looking to replace an old inner tube or tire? It’s time to get your bike up and running again. We will show you the tools you need and step-by-step on how to get your bike back on the road.

Hosted by Trey Robinson, WABA’s DC Bike Ambassador Coordinator.

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Join by phone: dial 973-988-5102‬ and use PIN: ‪933 430 580‬


Bike Ambassador Show and Tell: ABC Quick Check

Join the DC Bike Ambassador during our bike tool show and tell. Show off what you carry when going on a bike ride and tell us how you’ve found it helpful. Give some quick tips on how to use the tool and where others might be able to find it. It is always helpful to have some tools handy just in case you have any bike issues, join us and show us what you have!

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Join by Phone: 814-430-3908‬ PIN: ‪623 900 889‬#

Job(s): DC United Bike Ambassador

Do you love bicycling? Are you interested in educating others and sharing your passion? Do you want to earn extra money? Help WABA get soccer fans excited about bicycling. Answer questions, share resources, and bring the bike love! Consider applying to be a DC United Bike Ambassador.

Help Establish Bike Culture at Audi Field 

Being a DC United Bike Ambassador means that you want to support people who bike and encourage more people to try bicycling as a way to get to Audi Field. As a DC United Bike Ambassador you’ll set up a table at Audi Field to answer bicycle-related questions and distribute helpful resources to people attending the games. You’ll be on-site around Audi Field for the entire two-hour shift.


  • Staffing various shifts from February through October (with a possibility of additional shifts after October if DC United qualifies for the playoffs). Games are typically midday during weekends and evening during weekdays. 
  • Distribute print resources to community members, such as DC Bike Maps, Quick Start Guides, DC Pocket Law Guides, Capital Bikeshare information, and other WABA education and promotional materials.
  • Answering questions in a helpful and supportive manner. That means meeting folks where they are at – no mansplaining, no bicycle jargon. 


  • A strong commitment to WABA’s mission.
  • Willingness and excitement to learn and share information about bicycling safety, traffic law, skills, and WABA’s bike encouragement philosophy
  • A flexible schedule and willingness to work evenings and weekends.
  • The willingness to be positive, engaging, and approachable in a public setting.

Additional Skills

  • Let us know if you have conversational fluency in Spanish, ASL, or Amharic

Pay and Job Structure

We are looking for 10 people to work shifts this season. Bike Ambassadors are 1099 independent contractors, paid $17/hour with a 2 hour commitment per game. Audi Field will host 2-4 games per month, so we expect each person to work an average of 1-3 games per month. 

To be considered, please email with the subject heading “DC United Bike Ambassador” by Thursday, February 20th and your answer to these questions:

  1. What interests you about being a DC United Bike Ambassador?
  2. What methods have you found effective in engaging people in conversations around a cause? (bicycling or otherwise)

Meet Trey Robinson, our DC Bike Ambassador Coordinator

I am Trey Robinson and I am the new DC Bike Ambassador Coordinator at WABA!

I began riding bikes in college to get to and from classes and now use biking for transportation, fitness and fun. As a Maryland native, I first started biking in DC as a Trail Ranger with WABA. I did not know my way around the city but soon learned how to navigate by using various trails and bike lanes. I now bike through the city with confidence while using the resources that keep people on bikes safe. I can now lead friends on bike rides throughout DC, showing them all the resources that make cycling a fun time.

In my free time, I ride bikes with kids in the neighborhood and help fix small bike repairs to keep people riding.  I’m always sharing information about the various bike rides and trails in DC because riding bikes in DC is so fun! I’ve formed some great relationships with many people because of our common joy of cycling.

WABA has showed me that riding bikes is more than an occasional ride on the weekend. Cycling is a great form of transportation, exercise, and fun way to enjoy the outdoors. DC has the best places to ride and you also get to pass some historical places with beautiful scenery on your route. Biking in DC is a rewarding experience when you realize how much more efficient it is than driving.

As a DC Bike Ambassador, I’m eager to interact with people and share the benefits of riding bikes. I’ll be reaching out to pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists to encourage shared road use. I’ll also continue to do my best to model good behavior and respectful, safe road use for everyone. I hope my encouragement helps get more people bicycling in their daily lives. The DC Bike Ambassadors will help educate more people about some of the ways to make biking easier, fun, and safer.

I’m looking forward to speaking with more people to help them learn more about biking in DC. If you have questions or would like to become a DC Bike Ambassador, you can reach me at