A BikeFestDC Reminder

If you’ve seen information about BikeFest on the web or on the streets, then you probably have the basics down. For instance, the event details, a sneak peek of the jazz acts, suggestions on the laid back, incentivized and dapper dress code, a glimpse of the BikeBuild bikes and the bikes we’re auctioning off, and perhaps you’ve checked out our most romantic silent auction package. That’s lovely, and all that jazz… but we’re going to take our promotion a step further. We encourage you to purchase tickets soon and attend BikeFest for the following reasons: This event is your ticket to a roaring good time. For you will enjoy an evening of: -Free catered appetizers all evening long by Occasions Catering -2 free alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages -1 free raffle ticket -A vote in the BikeBuild Contest -Some of the best live jazz in the region -Local bike art -An extensive Silent Auction and Raffle line-up -Some surprise on-stage and off-stage performances -Mingling with 400 other bike-loving, WABA supporters. The people you share the lanes with everyday . This event is your ticket to growing bike advocacy because: -100% of the proceeds from registration, and 100% of the contributions made throughout the evening,  directly fund WABA’s mission of transforming the greater Washington area into a more bicycle-friendly community. In other words, it’s going to be a fun night and lots of cool people will be there. But more importantly, you will be supporting an incredible local non-profit that has…dare I say…changed your life in the region. For those of you on the edge of your seats to purchase tickets now, WABA members receive a $10 discount on tickets with the discount code “Speakeasy”.  


#BikeFestDC Silent Auction Preview, Part Deux

To some, bikes are a hobby, a pastime, a toy. To most of our members, bikes are simply their preferred mode of transportation. And then there’s local blogger, GirlonaBikeDC. For Kate, a passion for  bicycles led her, quite literally, down the path to the most romantic bike love story of her lifetime.  At last year’s BikeFest, Kate was the top bidder for our C&O Canal of Romance package, a plush bike trip including 2 nights in a historic lockhouse along the C&O Canal, plus some other special amenities.

Read GirlonaBikeDC’s bicycle engagement story below. And keep an eye out at this year’s BikeFest for the same package with some new additions, for all the bicycle lovers out there.


At last year’s BikeFest, one of the silent auction packages caught my eye. No, not the unicycle lesson, or the 50 States Preview Ride. It was the “Weekend Along the C&O Canal” package. My (then) boyfriend Jimmy was just starting to get into riding bikes with me. We often rode to & from work together, and would take short trips to the Mall & memorials. We were often on the look-out for any cheap weekend trip options; short nearby trips that would make us feel like we were on vacation but wouldn’t break the bank or use up our leave time. This “Weekend” package looked perfect: a 2 night stay at a “cozy” lock house that was within biking distance. I had no idea what a lock house was or what was considered “cozy”, but I didn’t care. I was going to win that auction.

Win I did, however we didn’t have an opportunity to go until September. The package also included a bottle of wine, chocolates & a front rack for a bicycle. How romantic (and useful)!  I researched Lock House 6 and from the limited photos & description, it seemed interesting but I still had no clear idea of what we were getting into.  It had been restored to the 1950’s era (each lock house that is renovated for rental is restored to a different time period in the canal’s history) and had full amenities including running water, heat/air conditioning, electricity & furnishings. We just had to supply the towels/linens & food. When it came time to leave, Jimmy was extremely skeptical about the whole affair. We’d have to pack & bring everything we needed with us…on our bicycles?!  Jimmy thought this was impossible. But he tried it anyway. We packed what we thought we would need (we overpacked, actually) and set off.


The weather was perfect for the trip. An early fall day with clear skies & mild temperatures. Riding along the canal towpath felt like an adventure. Wildlife peeked out from everywhere, whether it was a heron at the canal’s edge or a fox watching us ride by. When we reached lock house 6 less than an hour later, it felt like we were in a fairy tale and had found a little cottage in the woods. We had a great time exploring the surrounding trails during the day & relaxing in the rocking chairs on the porch at night. It was a wonderful weekend we would never forget.

We’ve been back three times since, and can’t wait for our next trip. The C&O Canal and the lock houses are magical. Even though it was only a few minutes outside of DC, it felt like we were hundreds of miles away. It has become a very special place for us. In fact, lock house 10 is where Jimmy decided he wanted to ask me to marry him (I said yes, by the way). I can’t think of a better place for us to promise to share our lives with each other. And we have WABA to thank for providing the inspiration for what has become our own romantic ritual. “

To read more on Kate’s bicycle engagement adventure, check out her blog: http://girlonabicycle.blogspot.com/2012/02/lockhouse-10-round-2.html   And to purchase tickets to this year’s BikeFest, visit waba.org/bikefest

#BikeFestDC Silent Auction Preview, Part 1.

The Silent Auction at this year’s BikeFest is going to raise some brows, and raise some bucks because we are featuring three very distinct, crowd-pleasing, brow-raising bicycles that will appeal to bicyclists of all persuasions. For your viewing pleasure, we are giving you the slightest sneak peak at what you could be riding home from this year’s BikeFest! Go on, indulge.  

Revolution Cycles  Silver Cycles Bikenetic & Kona

Tickets are selling like hot cakes, get ’em before they’re gone!

Competition builds among #BikeFestDC BikeBuilders

With all due respect to Alfred Hitchcock and his contributions to cinéma scary-té, if he’d ever been handed a script about the BikeBuild contest taking place at the 2012 BikeFest, he’d have been out of a job. This is a story so suspenseful, so spellbinding, it needs no dramatic lighting, no voyeuristic point of view or urgent violin score to tart it up. It is the real thing, and it has begun. Our builders, Threepenny Bikes, Silver Cyles, and Papillon Cycles are going head to head to build the most unique, and most popular bike out of used parts and a limited budget. Who will build be crowned this year’s BikeBuild Champion? You be the judge. David Wendt of Threepenny Bikes is creating what can only be called a work of art. Culled from hand-selected and painstakingly seasoned bamboo wedded to steel, David’s mixte frame bike exemplifies the ideal synthesis of nature, engineering and artistic vision. But who is to say this rarified creation will be the fan favorite?
 The all-terrain, ridiculously strong cylcocross bike Silver Cycles is bringing to the arena could win the crowd’s heart. This bike represents the scrappy determination of owner Linda Mack and her employees Jen Trujillo and Josh Sachs to create what is difficult to buy ready made: a dream ride for young cyclocross racers who have the chops but can’t find a ‘tween-sized bike. Finally, and giving us the opportunity to milk a metaphor dry, is the mysterious pupa developing within the sheltering cocoon that is Papillon Cycles. Papillon’s entry is the chrysalis awaiting to emerge as what mechanical butterfly? Road bike? Recumbent? Swallowtail/tandem hybrid? None of the above! Papillon is carefully crafting an antique tandem bicycle built for two! And that’s not all. There’s word Papilloniste John Harpold is pulling out the crafting scissors and sewing machine to design a matching outfit for the highest bidder. This, ladies and gentlemen, this palpable excitement you are feeling is the anticipation of the WABA BikeFest BikeBuild Contest, which will culminate with your vote on May 11, 2012. This is suspense. Hitchcock called it “Psycho.”  We call it “Bike-o.” Join us for buildup of Bike-O suspense and the revealing of these creations at BikeFest. Purchase your tickets now and save $20. When asked for your discount code, tell’em “Joe sent me”.  This BikeFest update is brought to you by Tish King, Assistant Events Coordinator.

Free Raffle Ticket for #BikeFestDC Guests Dressed to the Nines

Ladies and Gents of the Greater Washington Area, Do we have news for you! Everyone who arrives at this year’s BikeFest dressed up in their own interpretation of the Jazz Age will receive one free raffle ticket. Yep, that’s right- a chance to win brand new bikes, gear, goodies, and more! Here are some photos and clips to get you inspired. And in case you haven’t bought tickets yet, get’em while they’re hot! Tickets are $20-off until Saturday, April 14th. When asked for your discount code, tell ’em “Joe sent me”      

Sneak a peek of the #BikeFestDC Jazz Line-up


According to CapitolBop, the complete guide to DC jazz, you’re in for a real treat at this year’s BikeFest. We’ve managed to bring, not just one- but two groups from the Top Five Records of 2011! Check out the CapitolBop review of Brian Settles, and the Jolley Brothers. Then hurry up and go purchase your tickets to BikeFest while they’re still $20 off. When asked for your discount code, tell ’em: “Joe sent me”  But don’t delay, the discount ends this Saturday.    

Help Make BikeFest 2012 an Event to Remember

BikeFest 2012

Once again we’re hosting the biggest bike-themed party in the DC-metro region – and all the proceeds make their way back to you in the form of stronger advocacy and, ultimately, better bicycling.  We’re planning now to make this year’s BikeFest our most lively and successful fundraiser to date. In order to celebrate a year as great for biking as 2011 and keep the advocacy strong through 2012 and beyond, we need your support.

Supporting BikeFest 2012

Will you help WABA by connecting us to individuals or groups who may be able and willing to participate in this year’s BikeFest? We are in need of potential venues, sponsors, and in-kind donors. All it takes is a connection. Here’s how you can help:  if you think your neighborhood baker, sports club, or  favorite bike mechanic is  able to help out, or maybe your company is interested in sponsorship opportunities, let us know. It only takes a minute. Just send me a quick email at nelle@waba.org or give me a call at 202-518-0524 x202.  And be sure to use the buttons at the bottom of this page to share this with your networks on Facebook or Twitter.

We’re on the lookout for:

A venue: An approximately 5,000 square feet space to accommodate the event.

Sponsors: Title sponsor and lead sponsors for financial support.

Silent Auction Items: Components of experiential bike-related silent auction packages.

Raffle Items: Desirable items for our raffle contests.

BikeBuild Participants: Four local bike shops to build and auction-off handcrafted bicycles.

Food and Drink: Local restaurants/caterers and liquor distributors to keep us happily satiated.

How and why your support matters

BikeFest is an opportunity to the region’s bicycling community to come together to celebrate the progress we’ve made in making the area more bike-friendly.  It is also an opportunity for WABA to raise funds to be used in areas in which funding is hard to come by.  Those parts of our region with the greatest need for better bicycling facilities and programming also tend to be the areas in which we have the fewest members and the least financial support.  Thus, we need to raise funds at events like BikeFest to fund our overall mission and continue to work in underserved communities to get our message to those outside our core audience. We’re already looking forward to BikeFest 2012, and we have some big ideas in mind.  But we need you to help us fill in the details with the types of people and things you want to see.  Love that bike shop?  Ask them to enter the bike build contest.  Favorite restaurant? We’d love to feature their food.  We just need your help to bring the right partners together.

Thank you for supporting WABA at this year’s 2011 Bike Fest!

Whether you were promenading on the dance floor, competing for raffle prizes and silent auction items, looking glamorous in the photo booth, or observing the many enchanting performers from afar,  it was obvious that fun was had by all at Bike Fest, our annual fundraiser. The Bike Fest Bike Build Contest was the highlight of the evening. Three local shops, including City Bikes, Oasis Bike Works and Papillon Cycles, went head-to-head to assemble the most creative, hand-crafted bicycles from new and used parts, using less than $250. Votes were cast and the margins were slim. Papillon led the pack and was hailed this year’s champion with it’s sleek and sturdy english touring bike design. City Bikes’ reinvention of the cargo bike and Oasis’ “Thrixie” a three-spead fixie mountain frame were also star attractions.  We can only hope that next year’s Bike Build participants were taking notes! This is the part where we show our appreciation for those who made this event possible, including Boeing, our event sponsor, as well as Vornado Charles E. Smith and the Crystal City BID for providing the unique venue. We’d also like to thank…

Fortunately the evening was documented from start to finish by filmmaker Edward Eastep and photographers Eric Brewer Immel, Patricia McDougall and Jason McCool. For more pictures check out our event slideshow. Once again, thank you to all those who attended, we hope you enjoyed the sites, sounds and activities of the evening and we  look forward to seeing you all at next year’s Bike Fest!