I biked to work today, now what?

Thank you for participating in Bike to Work Day today. You – and thousands of other DC, Maryland, and Virginia residents – rode your bicycle, and that is something to be celebrated. You are probably wondering: what happens next? General WABA - Bikes in front of Capitol B&W Here’s some frequently asked questions we get after Bike to Work Day happens, and helpful answers for you: Q: I’m a regular bike commuter, so do I just bike to work again Monday, like I do everyday, without all the fanfare and free stuff? A: Yes. And if you happen to bike by the WABA office on your commute, you’re more than welcome to stop in during business hours (9am-5pm) for a free double high five… Or just high five your co-workers. Q: Since this was only the third time I’ve biked to work, I still feel like a newbie. should I try it again next week? A: Yes! Keep going, you are doing great! If you are interested in learning some new skills try one of our City Cycling Classes or Community Rides! Q: Should I go to this silly sounding bicycle festival I heard about on May 30th at Yards Park called Tour de … something? A: Yes!!! Q: Should I go to the Tour de Fat even if I don’t like beer? A: Definitely yes. The festival is free to attend, and there will be a bunch of food trucks with food and non-alcoholic drinks. Plus, the event is family friendly and has a kids specific area. Q: So when is this bicycle festival? A: Saturday, May 30th at Yards Park, DC. The pre-festival bike ride that WABA leads leaves Yards Park at 11am and you don’t want to miss that (so get there by 10:30am!). And the festival itself starts at 12pm and goes until 5pm. More details here. Q: I had so much fun on Bike to Work Day. I really enjoy biking and I wish there were more bike lanes! How can we get more bicycle infrastructure across the region? How can I help convince everyone to give bicycling a try? A: The Washington Area Bicyclist Association works very hard every day to advocate for betting bicycling across the region and to make bicycling accessible, normal, fun and low-stress for everyone. You can support our advocacy and outreach work by joining the WABA community as a member. Today, you can join for just $25 and help support our efforts to make bicycling better for you for the next year.  

After the show it’s the after party

Bike to Work Day is BIG this year, with 79 pit stops located across the entire region! We definitely want you to register for Bike to Work Day and participate in an official pit stop on your way to work on Friday morning (Bike to Work Day is Friday May 15th, in case you missed it…). And in case you still want to celebrate after you bike to work, here are some after work celebrations of Bike to Work Day. (These celebrations are organized by partners, friends and sponsors of Bike to Work Day, but are not official pitstops/COG/WABA events.) So grab a friend, co-worker, or someone you meet on the ride home and continue to celebrate bicycling at one of these parties:
Photo courtesy of Joe Flood from the WABA Flickr Pool

Photo courtesy of Joe in DC from the WABA Flickr Pool

Whole Foods’ After Work Party: Bethesda, MD

Fri., May 15th from 4pm to 7pm at Whole Foods Market, 5269 River Road, Bethesda, MD. Why you should celebrate here: It’s located right off the Capital Crescent Trail and there will be cheap eats, raffle prizes and freebies. biketoworkflyer_final-01  

Atlas Brew Works’ Half Price Pints: NE Washington, DC

Fri., May 15th from 4pm to 9pm at Atlas Brew Works, 2052 West Virginia Avenue NE, Washington DC. Why you should celebrate here: Half price pints for anyone on two wheels. Craft beer at a good price, and the fact that a local brewery is celebrating bicycling! Here’s the link to their event on Facebook – tell your friends.  
Do you know of other Bike to Work Day celebrations going on in MD, VA or DC the afternoon or evening of Friday, May 15th in honor of everyone commuting on two-wheels? Let us know by tweeting @wabadc!

How to Prepare for Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day is in two days! But don’t freak out, WABA is here to make sure you and your bicycle are ready for your commute to work. (Procrastinator? There is still time – Sign up here!) Whether it’s your 500th time biking to work, your first time in years, or your very first time ever: WE ARE SO HAPPY THAT YOU CHOSE TO COMMUTE ON TWO WHEELS. Yes, you may get a little sweaty (that’s what work place bathrooms and deodorant are for). Yes, you may have helmet hair all day (tell everyone you’re going for the grunge chic look). And yes, you may just smile on the way to work (biking = happiness). Here’s our top five tips to make your commute on Friday easy and enjoyable: 1. Get your bicycle ready before Friday morning. One of the worst feelings is going to roll out your trusty stead just to realize that the air in your tires is low or that your breaks are too lose. Go ahead and check over everything tonight or Thursday to make sure you and your bicycle are ready to roll on Friday. You can read about what to check for on your bicycle here. bicycle 2. Dress for success. Don’t feel comfortable biking in your business casual clothes? That’s totally fine. Dress for success on the bike. Wear shorts and a t-shirt and carry your work clothes (neatly folded) in a pannier if you have a rack or in a back pack, and then sneak into the office and change before going to your desk. Or if you work in a more casual setting, plan to wear light weight clothing and layers that you can peel off if you get a little toasty on the ride. How else do you think the “all powerful bike lobby” always looks so good? 10594353943_25964b4888_z 3. Plan your route. Make sure you know the best way to bike to your pit stop and then from there to work. Google Maps has a handy “biking” tool, so you just put in your starting and ending point and then click the bicycle icon and they will give you suggested biking routes. Additionally, under “Getting Around” on the map, select the “Bicycling” function and the map will highlight in green where bike lanes and “suggested roads for bicycling” are located. One extra tip: if you’re taking a route for the first time, write down the directions on piece of paper that you stick in your pocket or tape to your handlebars. 10495508246_8260623407_z 4. Find a bike buddy. It’s not too late to text your friend, knock on your neighbors door, or email a co-worker and invite them to bike with you. That way you have someone to help navigate or laugh with you when your pant leg gets caught in your chain – plus it will be an extra special day if you get a friend to bike with you who wouldn’t have considered commuting on two-wheels if it wasn’t for you. Are you the shy type or just the world’s worst person in the morning? Sometimes a solo bike ride is just the thing to get you feeling alive and refreshed – and you’ll get to wave or smile to bike buddies you pass by on the ride. 16147963638_a81353548e_z 5. Enjoy the ride. Biking should be all about enjoying your ride. Just think: it’s less stressful that sitting in a traffic jam on the Beltway and the fresh air is much better for you than breathing in that that stale underground smell for two hours. So on Friday, take it slow, take it easy, smile when you pedal, follow traffic laws, bike safely and enjoy the ride. enjoy the ride Haven’t yet signed up for Bike to Work Day? It’s not too late! Sign up here to be eligible for bike giveaways, raffle prizes and the free breakfast snacks at your pit stop.

Wanted: Volunteer Photographers for Bike To Work Day

Photo by Peter Klosky

photo: Peter Klosky

We’re looking for some camera carrying folks to help us take pictures on Bike To Work Day (May 15th). Here’s the deal: WABA needs a better stock photo library. Particularly, we need more images that showcase the range of people who bike in our region and show off the best of our region’s bicycling infrastructure. A great photo is a powerful advocacy tool, and we’re hoping you can help us strengthen our toolbox. Plus, it will be fun! So here’s our ask:
  1. Spend half an hour or an hour on the morning or evening of Bike To Work Day in a designated location with your DSLR (or rangefinder or mirrorless, or other nifty camera).
  2. Take a bunch of pictures.
  3. Send them to us.
  4. That’s pretty much it. When you sign up, we’ll send along some suggestions about what makes photos particularly useful for WABA, but you know better than we do how you and your camera work together, so follow your muse.
Process your photos if you want, but don’t feel obligated. We can do that. We’d rather do the watermarking ourselves so it fits in with the rest of our branding (see below for our commitment to crediting you for your work). If you’re selecting photos before sending them (again, don’t feel obligated, we’re happy to do the sorting), remember that for WABA’s purposes, a good genuine smile is more important than perfect focus, exposure or composition. Send us the photos in whatever form is easiest. Dropbox, Google Drive, thumb drive.

sign up

WABA’s End of This Deal We understand that you are not only volunteering your time and skills, but your intellectual property. When we use your photos, we commit to credit you for your work in the following ways:
  1. On social media: a watermark photo credit usually in the lower right of the image. In this context, the watermark ensures that as an image is shared, your name will stay attached to it.
  2. In email & on our website: we will include credit (with a link if you like) in the photo caption.
  3. In print: Credit under photo or in a watermark
  4. In metadata: We’ll make sure to retain your credit in the metadata in all versions of the image.
You can sign up to participate here. If you have questions, please email colinbrowne@waba.org or call 202-518-0524 x201.