Celebrate Bike Month with business member Island Press

As the leading nonprofit publisher of books about the environment, Island Press supports WABA’s vision of making bicycling safer, easier, and more accessible and is a proud Leadership Level business member. And with a staff full of bicycling enthusiasts, we love to publish books that address our shared goals. You may have read some of our recent bike-centric books, such as Bike Boom by Carlton Reid, Start-Up City by Gabe Klein (also the keynote speaker at the 2018 Vision Zero Summit!), and our newest biking book, Copenhagenize by Mikael Colville-Andersen. Copenhagenize: The Definitive Guide to Global Bicycle Urbanism is a fun and visual guide to show cities how to effectively re-establish the bicycle as a respected, accepted, and feasible form of transportation. In his book, Mikael offers project descriptions and stories of best practices alongside beautiful photos to illustrate how to make the bicycle an easy, preferred part of everyday urban life.
“The first step in bicycle urbanism is to think bicycle first…We have been thinking car first for decades and that worked pretty well for motorists and the engineers who cater to them. Now it’s time to switch it up. It’s time to change the question.” -Mikael Colville Andersen in Copenhagenize
Island Press will be celebrating Copenhagenize throughout May to celebrate bike month and our annual sweepstakes. This year, the grand prize is a trip for two to Washington, DC and two tickets to WABA’s annual 50 States and 13 Colonies Ride! The second place prize is a Fortified bike, and each week we’re giving away a Patagonia biking pack. We will also spotlight a different city with successful bicycle infrastructure alongside the work of local bike organizations on the ground. Enter the sweepstakes each week to increase your chances of winning and to see what city is next on our list! Enter the sweepstakes by joining our newsletter and entering your zip code https://islandpress.org/bike.  If you’re ready to take a deeper dive into Mikael’s book, you can use the 25% off discount code BIKES to purchase it from the Island Press store. Also check out WABA’s events for more fun ways to enjoy Bike Month!

How to get your business ready for bike month

If you’re a hardcore commuter, every month is bike month. If you are not superwoman, then Bike Month is May. In the DC region, May brings the promise of warm weather, and major DC biking events, like Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 18 and DC Bike Ride on Saturday, May 19.

What does Bike Month have to do with your business?

Bicycling can help your business decrease your healthcare costs, attract and retain top talent, energize employees, and draw more customers. The proof is in the pedaling:
  • Nationwide, bike commuting is on the rise. From 2004 to 2014, the number of people riding to work grew 64%!
  • DC is the #2 place to commute by bike in the nation, with 4.7% of commuters choosing to bike to work. (We’re coming for you Portland)!
  • According to a recent study published in the Harvard Health blog, bicycling to work lowers the risk of dying early by 40%, the risk of cancer by 45%, and the risk of heart disease by nearly 50%.
  • For retailers, People For Bikes reports better bicycling infrastructure results in increased foot traffic and retail value, and the average bicyclist spends more money on their daily route than the average car driver.
WABA is here to help you grow your business by connecting with bicyclists. Here are six ways your business can get ready for Bike Month:

Encourage a customer or employee to learn to ride

Spread the joy of bicycling with those who don’t know how to ride and encourage a WABA Learn to Ride class! This class is for adults who have never ridden a bike before and want to start now. Our technique is intuitive and has a very high success rate. Instructors take students through a progressive curriculum, with the goal of riding with two pedals by the end of the session. Registration includes a bike and helmet to borrow for the class. Share our Learn to Ride classes and encourage someone in your life to give bicycling a try.

Update your business’ bike amenities

According to People for Bikes, businesses that promote bicycling are more attractive to talented workers, and are better at retaining that talent. Something as simple as ample bike parking can encourage more people to enjoy your business by bike. Check out our blog post on how to get bike racks outside your business. Simple upgrades to your workplace bike room can make a world of difference for commuters. Visit your neighborhood bike shop and add some affordable office amenities like tools to change a flat or make simple bike adjustments. If you’re ready to make an investment in employee satisfaction, provide indoor parking, showers, lockers, and toiletries. According to the Mid-Atlantic Universities Transportation Center, employees are less likely to bike to work if their employer provides free car parking, and more likely to ride if their employer provides bike parking and showers.

Celebrate Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 18

Join 20,000 bicyclists on your commute! On Friday, May 18, make the commitment to bike to work and encourage customers and employees to do the same! Visit as many of the of 100 pit stops in DC, Maryland, and Virginia and receive a free T-shirt, refreshments, and be entered into a raffle for a new bicycle. You can register for free here.

Create a team of employees or customers for DC Bike Ride

Riding together is great for team building, and can be a fun, inclusive way for coworkers to bond. On Saturday, May 19, you can join the region’s only closed-road, car-free, recreational bike ride for all ages (three and up) and all riding abilities. Create a team of employees or customers, and represent your business at the ride! You can see the course map and register for the event here.

Host an Everyday Biking Seminar at your business

Many businesses we work with know they have employees or customers who are interested in biking more, but they’re just not sure where to get started. WABA’s Everyday Biking Seminar is an hour-long presentation to introduce your employees to the basics of how to safely and easily fit biking into your daily life. It includes tips on:
  • Planning a good route
  • Understanding safe riding principles and rules of the road and trail
  • Carrying the things you need to carry
  • Whatever else you’d like to know about biking!

Become a WABA Business Member

The best way to encourage employees or customers to bike to your business is by having safer, more accessible bicycling infrastructure. Join now, and show your customers and employees you support better bicycling in our region. There are some great added benefits of being a business member, like a free Everyday Biking Seminar, and WABA Business Member Mixers.

BONUS: Join us at our Business Member Mixer!

We’ve just scratched the surface of the many ways your business can promote bicycling in Bike Month! Join WABA staff and fellow business members for WABA’s spring business member Mixer on Wednesday, May 9 at Bar Roubaix. Come enjoy a beer on New Belgium, meet fellow and prospective business members, and learn more about making your business bike friendly! RSVP and learn more here.  

Introducing Better Backs Athletic & Physical Therapy , A WABA Business Member

WABA’s Business Members understand the importance of a community that bicycles. Their membership supports our advocacy, outreach and education. Our business members are committed to a sustainable future of our region and are adding their voice to a growing number of bicycle-friendly businesses supporting WABA. Today meet Better Backs Athletic & Physical Therapy! Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.59.23 AM We are excited to welcome Better Backs Athletic & Physical Therapy into the Washington area and into the vast and friendly WABA community. Better Backs is the newest business to support WABA’s mission as a Business Member. Rachel Davis-Stewart just opened the practice in May 2015 and also supports the biking community by offering a 15% off all products and services to current WABA members. (Yet another reason for you to become a WABA member!) Davis-Stewart is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Massage Therapist. She has also studied Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology and, like you, loves riding her bike. Better Backs Therapy is located inside the Anacostia Arts Center at 1231 Good Hope Rd in Southeast, Washington, DC. They are open Tuesday-Friday 11-7, and Sunday 11-2. (Please note that appointments after 5pm, and on Sundays require prepayment.) How it works: You pay for a session with the therapist and receive a same day custom treatment plan. Better Backs uses a range of contemporary rehabilitative techniques including, but not limited to, moist heat, ice packs, soft tissue mobilization, electrical therapy, physical reconditioning, supportive taping, wrapping, and padding procedures. 632eb1_1210baa4bc264b5fb4e8761657d55fb2   Don’t forget to mention you’re a WABA Member! Do you own, work for, or patronize a business that is a good candidate for our business membership? For just $300 or $800 per year, you can show your support for a bike-friendly region and WABA’s advocacy and get all sorts of perks, including your very own blog post! Details here.

Introducing Our Newest Business Members, Planet Bike and Rails-to-Trails

business-membership-logo2Back in January, WABA introduced our business membership program. Since the launch, the business community has been amazingly supportive. A total of 14 businesses have joined as members, and we’e are excited to welcome our newest business members. Both are groups well-known for their support of biking.


Planet Bike is a bicycle accessories company located in Madison, Wisc. You likely own some Planet Bike products—it sells everything from lights to pumps to racks. A strong supporter of bicycling advocacy, Planet Bike donates 25% of their profits to improving bicycling conditions. Since 2006, they have donated over $1,000,000 to bicycling advocacy.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. 150,000 members strong, it works to build a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and to connect corridors. You might have ridden on one of the trails they helped build, from the Capital Crescent Trail to the Metropolitan Branch Trail to the Rock Creek trails.

A big thank you to our newest business members! Learn about our other business members herehere, and here.

If you’re interested in signing your business up as a business member, learn more about the program here.

Welcome to Our Newest Business Members!

business-membership-logoIn January, WABA launched our business membership program. Today, we are excited to introduce our newest business members, three companies dedicated to promoting bicycling, each in their own way.
WABA Climate Ride jersey

Custom-made by Primal Wear

Alta Planning + Design is a planning consultancy firm headquartered in Portland, Ore. It specializes in sustainable transportation and recreation planning and design, with a strong bike and pedestrian focus. Alta has had a hand in creating many of the bicycle-friendly communities, trails, and green spaces enjoyed throughout the U.S. Alta Bicycle Share, which is behind Capital Bikeshare and many other urban bikesharing systems, is a subsidiary of Alta Planning + Design. Filter Coffeehouse is a D.C. coffee shop with locations in Dupont and Foggy Bottom. In 2010, Filter’s owner, Rasheed, had two custom bike racks (in the shape of a hot cup of coffee and a French press) installed outside his Dupont coffeehouse, ensuring his customers would have a dedicated place to park their bikes. An active cyclist himself, Rasheed can often be found at the head of the pack on WABA rides. Primal Wear is a cycling apparel company based in Denver, Colorado. It designs and manufactures high quality cycling jerseys, T-shirts, outwear, and accessories, including the awesome limited edition jerseys custom-made for our 2012 Climate Riders. Committed to helping the cycling community grow through advocacy and education, Primal Wear supports fellow bike advocacy organizations in addition to charity rides and youth education programs. A big welcome and thanks to our newest business members! Read up about our other business members here and here. If you’re interested in becoming a business member, learn more about the program here.            

We’ve Got New Business Members!

business-membership-logoRecently, we introduced the businesses that helped WABA launch our Business Membership program. Today, we welcome our newest business members! Here’s a little bit about what they have to offer and what they do to encourage cycling. Capitol Hill Bikes is a full-service, women-owned bike shop in Capitol Hill. Since 2000, it has been working to provide a warm, welcoming environment for cyclists of all ages and skill levels to shop, learn, and experience the joy of cycling. Committed to educating cyclists, Capitol Hill Bikes offers fix-a-flat classes on the first and third Saturday of the month. Qualia Coffee is a D.C. coffee shop and home of Fresh Off the Roast, a small-batch coffee roasting company. Qualia is bike-friendly: In 2011, it worked with WABA and DDOT to get bike racks installed out front of its Georgia Avenue location, ensuring that bicycle parking was available for their customers. Qualia also provided the initial home and incubation space for The Bike House, a community-based bike cooperative. The Strong Law Firm is a Falls Church-based law firm that specializes in mortgage, traffic, personal injury, and bankruptcy clients. It is dedicated to defending the rights of all road users, including bike riders and pedestrians who are often given the short end of the legal stick. A big welcome and thanks to our newest business members! If you’re interested in becoming a business member, learn more about the program here.

We’ve Got Business Members. Get to Know Them!

business-membership-logoLast week we announced WABA’s new Business Membership program, and mentioned the first five businesses to get involved. Today, let us give you a more in-depth look at what the businesses that have joined up with us have to offer. VeloCity Bicycle Cooperative is a non-profit, volunteer-run, do-it-yourself bicycle workshop in Alexandria. It offers trainings, rides, and events to empower and educate area bicyclists through building, maintaining, and embracing the fun of riding a bike. VeloCity actively sought us out for a business membership and quickly became our first member. Bike and Roll is a bike rental, repair, and touring company with locations in D.C. and Alexandria. It provides hourly and full-day bike rentals, guided bike tours, and bicycle repair and maintenance. A long time supporter of WABA, Bike and Roll has frequently donated its bikes for use at WABA events and classes. Ecoprint is an environmentally responsible printing company in Silver Spring that uses a 100 percent carbon-neutral printing processes—Ecoprint was “eco” before it was cool. The company has printed WABA’s newsletter and direct mailings for many years and has helped us raise awareness of bicycling issues in an environmentally friendly manner. KGP Design Studios, LLC is a design firm providing architecture, urban design, and transit planning services. It has been a leader in the livable cities movement, designing premier bicycle facilities including the Union Station Bicycle Transit Center (which is operated by Bike and Roll). The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial-services company that provides financial solutions for all kinds of investors. Committed to cultivating bicycling as a viable transportation option for its staff, The Motley Fool brought in WABA for an employee-based bike commuter seminar in 2011. A big welcome and thanks to our business members for making our business membership program successful! If you’re interested in becoming a business member, learn more about the program here.    

Announcing WABA’s Business Membership Program

business-membership-logo Dense, accessible neighborhoods are becoming more and more popular, and the Washington area is no exception: The region is growing rapidly. More people need more ways to get around, and bicycling is a safe, convenient, and affordable way to do so. And more people also need more amenities and services. For 40 years, WABA has worked to make the D.C. area better for bicycling through education, advocacy, outreach, and organized events. As we move forward in 2013, we will continue our advocacy campaigns, but we need to expand our reach. In order to build a truly walkable, bikeable region, we need the support of the community at large. One way to engender that kind of support is by connecting with area businesses through our Business Membership program, which we’re launching in earnest this year. We’re really excited by the prospect of working with businesses who recognize the value of biking and want to encourage it among their staff and customers. As a WABA business member, a business gets better access to and involvement in a community that actively seeks better opportunities for cycling. Bike-friendly businesses can show their dedication to cycling, and businesses interested in becoming more bike-friendly can rapidly boost their efforts. And the support goes both ways: Bike-friendly businesses attract employees and customers that are interested in working for and supporting the cause, and employees and customers are healthier and happier to be in an environment that supports their transit mode of choice. We want to extend a huge welcome—and thanks—to the five businesses who have already joined up with us for the Business Membership program’s launch: VeloCity Bicycle Cooperative (our founding member!), Ecoprint, KGP Design Studio, LLCThe Motley Fool, and Bike and Roll. Expect to hear more about these businesses on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook. If you know of a business interested in membership or want to learn more about the program, check out our business membership page or contact our Membership Coordinator, Megan Van de Mark, at membership@waba.org or by phone at (202) 518-0524 x203. If you already think this is the coolest thing ever, join as a business member today!