Join Team WABA on the Red White and Blue Ridge Ride!

Join us, September 24 – 26th!  Ride to make our region a better place to bike! 

When you join the WABA team on the Red White and Blue Ridge Ride, you join a lively group of people who support you from the moment you click register, to the moment you step foot on the Capitol. We’ll be your teammates in organizing, fundraising, preparing, and planning for our ride. And when you ride for WABA, your fundraising dollars directly support WABA! Your work to fundraise is work toward concrete improvements for biking in our region. You’re supporting the strategy, organizing, and education for better biking,  a more connected region, a more sustainable region. You’re funding the people power working on your behalf for more trails, bike lanes, protected bike lanes, and better policy that make biking a normal, safe, viable, and popular form of transportation.

Benefits of joining WABA’s Climate Ride Team

  1. Fundraising support: we’ll support you in fundraising by assembling a planning night, co-organizing happy hours, advising on strategy, and getting you to your $2,000 goal!
  2. Training support: we’ll stay in touch and get together for training rides or pass along opportunities to get out and ride.
  3. Packing support: we’ll lead a few happy hours on logistics and prep to make sure you’re ready to go.
  4. If you select WABA as your primary beneficiary, you’ll get to proudly represent a free WABA Jersey!

To join WABA’s Climate Ride Team 

  1. Fill out our form.
  2. Register for the 2017 Red White And Blue Ridge Ride
  3. During registration, select “Team WABA” as your team, and WABA as one of your designated beneficiaries.
    • If WABA’s your one and only beneficiary, you’ll get to rock a Team WABA jersey and socks! ! If you select multiple beneciaries, great! Share the love. We’d still love to have you on Team WABA.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to ride the Red White and Blue Ride Ride to support WABA? A:  No, if you’re looking to travel beyond our backyard, or those dates don’t work for you, there are lots of other rides to choose from! To join Team WABA, you must designate us as one of your non-profit beneficiaries. If we’re you’re one and only beneficiary, you’ll receive a Team WABA jersey!  Q: How many miles is it from Montebello to DC? A: 208, with multiple daily mile options. Q: How many miles do we bike a day? A: we’ll average 69 miles a day.  Q: What if I can’t ride that many miles a day? A: We’ll support you in training before the ride. But if at any point you need to be picked up, Climate Ride takes care of van support! Q: Where do we ride? Are the roads safe? A: In constructing the route, Climate Ride does their best to avoid all major highways and keep us on paved, rolling, back-country roads. Q: Where do we sleep? A: Climate Ride takes care of all the site logistics and give you the option of camping or hotel options (at an additional charge).  Q: How much do I need to fundraise? A: $2,000, which covers the organizer’s costs, and 50-55% is given directly to the sustainability-related non-profit beneficiary you select (In WABA’s case, this means an unrestricted grant to fun our work for more bike lanes, better bike laws, responsive campaigns, and a D.C. region that supports biking for all)  Q: How many beneficiaries can I choose for my ride? A: You can choose up to 5 beneficiary organizations. To join Team WABA, we need to be one of your beneficiaries. To get a WABA team jersey and socks, we have to be your one and only : )  To get all your FAQ’s answered, visit the Climate Ride FAQ page! If you have WABA-specific questions, please reach out to us at

Primal Logo

We’re pleased to present our Climate Riders with our official WABA jersey thanks to our friends and official Merch Sponsors Primal Wear. The colors are bold, the design stands out, and the quality endures. Based out in Denver, Colorado, Primal supports biking at all levels, from multi-day road races to advances in local bike infrastructure. Thanks to Primal’s support we’re able to offer WABA members 20% off jerseys, socks, and t-shirts and use the funds to support our work for better biking.

I Painted You A Picture

WABA asked me to paint a set of postcards and I jumped at the opportunity! I’m thrilled to have this personal way to say thank you. You and WABA’s 6,500 members give so much. You read these emails, you monitor campaigns you care about, you learn about what other members care about, you come to events with a smile, refer friends to our classes, and you invest so much heart in this little local 44 year-old non-profit.

I tried to capture the spirit of biking in our region. And by extension, how important bike advocacy work is to ensuring greater joy. In all seasons. In all parts of the region. By all types of people. On all types of bikes.

If there’s one thing in my life I can point to that has given me so much– it’s my bicycle(s). And the people, places, and personal experiences I’ve cherished by bicycle. These paintings each depict particular aspects I find we all value most: time with friends and family out on our trails, quiet snowlit nights on a neighborhood street, the rush of being in a big group of people riding along the Potomac, and the last one– winning. Yes winning. For me, the bike advocate leaving the Annapolis Statehouse represents how much we’ve won in the last forty plus years.

I hope you find your own story in these prints. I hope you stick one to your refrigerator or your wall. I hope it’s an everyday reminder of the collective benefits of biking, and a reminder of all our concrete accomplishments– biking is only getting better.

If you haven’t already, please donate to WABA this holiday season. With a lot on the line, your contributions are especially critical this year. As a thank you, we’ll send you the complete set of four postcards for your contribution of $100 or more. It’s been an incredible six years working for WABA. One thing I’ve learned is the importance of transparency. Behind the veil: If you donate now, we won’t send you anymore fundraising emails this holiday season! (If you’re a poster buff, you’ll recognize the visual references in these paintings. They are a riff on the wonderful posters of the WPA era and Amtrak’s familiar retro poster campaign. We loved the idea of asserting bicycling’s role as part of Americana and part of the core of the nation’s transportation network, all in a sweet and playful way.) The Washington Area Bicyclist Association is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Donations to WABA are tax-deductible to fullest extent of the law. All donations postmarked before 12/31/16 can be claimed as a 2016 donation.

Join us for WABA in the Wild: our first overnight bike camping tour!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s about time WABA was a bit more adventurous: WABA in the Wild is about better bicycling through 184.5 miles, fireflies, and coffee outside. We are super excited to announce that registration for WABA’s first overnight event, first bike camping tour, and first peer-to-peer fundraiser event to support our advocacy and outreach work is now open. The WABA in the Wild tour includes three nights of camping, three days of bicycling along the towpath, and a guided scenic journey by bike from Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC. This adventure is a peer-to-peer fundraiser ride to support WABA’s mission to get everyone within one mile of a safe, dedicated place to ride a bike. Tour Dates:  When: Friday, October 7th through Monday, October 10th, 2016 Where: Bike from Cumberland, MD back home to Washington, DC (transportation from DC to Cumberland is included) Learn more about the WABA in the Wild Towpath Tour here.  We’ll provide everything you need to fundraise for this tour: your own fundraising webpage, email templates, postcards, strategy session at the WABA office, a fundraising happy hour you can invite your friends to, and of course a Bike Camping 101 Workshop. Transportation, gear support, food, snacks, and tons of awesome programming are included on the tour. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today. Each rider will raise $1,250 from friends and family to support WABA’s advocacy and outreach mission. In return, they get to join us for a wild weekend outside connecting with WABA staff, trail experts, and their bicycles.

Register for WABA in the Wild