November 1st: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again!

With the Daylight Savings turning the clock back an hour this weekend, your trip home from work, or school will be a lot darker than normal on Monday. WABA has collected a few tips and tricks you can use to maximize visibility when out on the road! Front White Light For Your Handlebars: These bicycle lights let oncoming road users aware of your presence and are required by law in DC, MD. and VA. Putting the lights in blinking/pulsating mode saves battery, and makes your bicycle distinguishable from other road users.  frontlight Front White Light For Your Helmet: This light shines where you are looking, which can be very helpful in areas without much street lighting and helps you spot potholes or debris in your way. helmet light Rear Red Light For Your Helmet: Many helmets have have vents or straps where a bicycle light can easily hook on to and is an easy way to increase your visibility. helmetlight Rear Red Light For Your Bicycle: Although not required by law to have a rear light (rear reflector is the minimum), having a red blinking, or pulsating light will increase your visibility. Hand signals are also a great way to communicate with other road users what your intentions are! redlightrighthand Reflective Clothing: For even more visibility, reflective clothing provides multiple options from jackets, pants, scarves, shoes with reflective strips attached to them that brightly light up when hit with lights from vehicles, or other light sources. Backpacks, ankle straps, and helmet stickers are also other useful accessories that can be incredibly reflective. reflective   If you would like to learn more about bicycling, visit our Education Calendar for a list of upcoming classes. Happy riding! joyrider-illuminated-smiley-face-bicycle-light-show

Bike Ambassadors Light Up Baseball Fans

Bikes and Baseball  (11) Bike ambassadors had a ball giving out lights after Tuesday’s game at Nationals Stadium. The home team may have suffered a loss, but bike ambassadors saved the night with a major win for bicyclists leaving the game: free bike lights! In the district, bicycles are required to have a front white light and rear red reflector (or rear red light) after dark. See a complete list of bicycle laws and requirements here.   Untitled Nationals Stadium has provided a free bike valet service for fans who ride to games. The valet is a great way to attract riders who might not have considered biking to games, which is a great option considering that Metro cars are often crammed with baseball fans on game days. Bikes and Baseball  (9) Since games typically start before the sun goes down, fans who ride to the stadium may not realize they will be riding home in the dark. About 80 percent of riders leaving last night’s game did not have bikes equipped with both rear and front lights. Not only is it the law to have lights on your bike, it also makes you more visible to other riders, drivers, and pedestrians. Being visible is key to staying safe on your bike! The goal of Tuesday’s lights giveaway was to raise awareness about bicycle safety and to encourage people to be as visible as possible while navigating D.C.’s streets. We passed out about 60 lights last night and had many more interactions with bicyclists about general safety. The bike ambassador team will be popping up at other places around the city, encouraging folks to be seen. Bikes and Baseball  (14) Bike ambassadors made a tangible impact on the bicycling community by lighting up the streets! Funding for lights is provided by DDOT. Interested in getting involved with the Bike Ambassador program? Contact Megan McCarty, the D.C. Bike Ambassador program coordinator, at for more details.