Seven successes in six months that we couldn’t have done without you

It’s our annual fall membership drive! We disrupt our regularly scheduled updates to urge you to join or renew with WABA today.  Your membership dollars do a lot of hard work—here’s what your support has accomplished in the last six months:

Launched the Capital Trails Coalition

For more than a year, we’ve doubled down on our trail advocacy efforts in the region. In collaboration with some big partners, we’ve been building a coalition to ensure that a seamless trail network is a regional priority.  We finally got to tell the world about it last week!  Learn more about how the Capital Trails Coalition is reinvigorating regional trail building at

I want to see more trails! 

Taught thousands of kids and adults to ride

Sun's out, tongues outThrough Learn to Ride classes, Confident City Cycling classes, and Everyday Biking Seminars held all over the region 1,075 adults learned to ride confidently, legally, and respectfully.  On top of that, 2,145 kids learned how to get moving on two wheels, too!

I want to see more folks on bikes! 

Led a super successful Trail Ranger season

Throughout the summer months of 2016 our team of Trail Rangers biked 2,276 miles of trail as they removed 223 bags of trash, reported 191 issues, coordinated 187 hours of cleanup, and received about a million thank yous and high fives. Click here to see a full recap!

I want to see more happy trail riders! 

Passed the Motor Vehicle Collision Recovery Act

At the #FixContrib Rally

After nearly three years of persistent organizing and advocacy by the WABA community, the DC Council voted unanimously last month to pass the Motor Vehicle Collision Recovery Act to fix contributory negligence!  Mayor Bowser joined us last week to sign the bill, and it will soon be the law of the land!

I want better bike laws! 

Pulled 1,414 miles with the Arlington PAL Ambassador and DC Bike Ambassador Billboards

15831059964_1a1a29ac5a_b Thanks to our partnerships with BikeArlington and DDoT and nearly 150 volunteer PAL and DC Bike Ambassadors, we’re shaping the region’s roadway culture. Through trailering, in-person outreach, and streetcorner outreach we’re reminding all road-users to be Predictable, Alert, and Lawful. Find out more about our PAL and DC Bike Ambassadors!

I want friendlier roads! 

Grew a community of Bike Advocates on Two Wheels

Stopped at a light (Photo by Chuck Cage)

Everyone who registers for a WABA Ride Event is a bike advocate. For the first time this year, we were able to expand our events team, add brand new signature events (hello WABA in the Wild and stay tuned for DC’s first ever open streets program in Spring 2017!) and expand the number of spots we have available in our events – that means MORE people have the opportunity to participate in a WABA event, and MORE people have the opportunity to become a bike advocate! So far in 2016, WABA Signature Events have turned 1,635 riders into bike advocates on two wheels!

I want to see more bike advocates! 

Advocated for more and better bike infrastructure

In the past six months WABA has led the push for hundreds of new miles of bike lanes, dozens of sections of protected bike lanes (including the first in Prince George’s County), the launch of a newly completed Anacostia Riverwalk Trail, and updates for 3 bike master plans (the documents deciding the fate of our bike infrastructure).

I want to see more bike lanes! 

We Make it Easy for You to Get Out and Ride!

It’s our annual fall membership drive! We disrupt our regularly scheduled updates to urge you to join or renew with WABA today. 

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WABA in the Wild riders at Milepost 0 on the C&O Canal Towpath after three days of biking and camping.

WABA has an incredible line up of large community bike rides that challenge, unite, and help you get miles of beautiful roads and trails under those tires. These rides are designed just for you – our WABA Members. Our signature events exist to bring together people who bike in Maryland, Virginia, and DC — hey, that’s YOU! — in a safe and welcoming space to celebrate bicycling and ride together. We make it easy for you to get out and ride. We just held our FIRST EVER multi-day bicycle tour, WABA in the Wild, and it was a tremendous success.

Celebrating 184.5 miles and raising $12,000 for better bicycling!

Here’s what a few of the WABA in the Wild riders had to say about it:

“My weekend with WABA was wet, wild, and so, so wonderful. What an incredible bunch of new friends. Having been a road rider up to now, I found the towpath surface more technical (and painful!) than expected. But with great company, gorgeous weather two of the three days, and so much positive, passionate, bike-loving energy, the 185’ish miles were pure joy. It was impossible not to fall in love with this trail and the great folks of WABA who seek to protect it and create more like it.” – WABA Member Lauren A.
And also this:
“We made it. And all of you who helped me – you gave to some incredibly talented and dedicated people. 185 miles of amazing scenery and history with an awesome group of people. Feeling really grateful.” -WABA Member Joe Q.
And finally:
“We had a great ride this past weekend riding from Cumberland, MD to Georgetown via the C&O canal – from overcoming the rain and giant trail puddles on Saturday, to infinite cheezit (occasionally with Nutella) consumption, trail names, aching backsides, glorious fall sunshine, and new friends. WABA is an amazing advocacy organization in DC with qualified leadership and a strategic vision.” – WABA Member Cassie H.

Here’s our challenge to you:

If you’ve participated in a WABA event and enjoyed the ride, we urge you to show your appreciation for our community and give back to the organization that continues to work day in and day out to make the region a better place to ride a bike. Join WABA or renew your membership today.

Excited about jumping into a WABA Event now that you’re a member?

You’re in luck, because our next signature ride, The Cider Ride, is coming up in just a few weekends on Saturday, November 5th. Register today!! The Cider Ride is your chance to join or renew if you haven’t yet, and then to experience the fun, welcoming, and inclusive community that WABA is. Plus, all of our signature rides are essentially fundraisers in disguise – you get to ride your bike, get a custom ride branded t-shirt or mug, and enjoy a bunch of snacks and treats – while we get to raise funds that help support our advocacy, education, and outreach efforts.

See views like this on the 2016 Cider Ride on November 5th!

We do our best to make it easy for you to get out there and ride. We hope to see you on November 5th for The Cider Ride, and we hope you will consider joining us for WABA in the Wild next year!  

It’s the 2016 Membership Drive!

It’s our annual fall membership drive! We disrupt our regularly scheduled updates to urge you to join or renew with WABA today. Why? Well to start with: Join or renew to make sure bicycling keeps getting better in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Plus we have some limited-edition merch again this year. What will it say? Well, that’s up to you: We want to make sure everyone is a part of the Member Drive fun, so we’re inviting you to to Vote for the Tote! Join or Renew your WABA Membership and cast your vote for the best bike PSA and get yourself a magnet or messenger style tote bag featuring the winning message!

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You already know that people who have access to biking benefit from a healthier, more-connected, more vibrant community. You share WABA’s commitment to make biking safe, normal, and popular in our cities and for generations to come. And you support our work to advocate for a network of protected, low-stress bike lanes and trails. When you join WABA, you join more than 6,500 residents from across the region who understand how important it is for communities to support and prioritize biking.

Join or Renew today

The benefits of joining WABA are clear: You support our advocacy work and allow us to make really, major, changes for better bicycling. You gain access to a list of local businesses who support your decision to bike, and you gain access to a like-minded community of people who care about making biking better for everyone. Whether you bike with your children on the weekends, bike to work occasionally, or you use your bike every day to run errands around town, your WABA membership is working to improve your bike experience.

What are you waiting for?

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  • Click here to check out the benefits of being a WABA Member!
  • Join or renew during our Member Drive for just $25 and get a limited edition magnet, or join at the $30 per year or higher and receive our limited edition tote bag.
  • Make your voice heard by voting for the slogan that will appear on the tote and the magnet when you renew.
  • Current WABA Members can receive our limited edition tote by renewing their membership. We’ll add a year to your current expiration date.
  • Annual membership is good for one-calendar year. Auto-renewing memberships are charged on the same date every year and do not expire until payment stops.
  • Memberships bought or renewed during the membership drive week include all regular WABA Member Benefits.

Become a WABA Member: Support our Education programs

you-bike-you-vote This week is our 2014 WABA Member Drive. On the blog, we’re highlighting the work your membership supports.

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Our education program teaches children and adults how to ride a bicycle, safe rules of the road, and confidence on a bike. We go into local schools, day camps, and hold adults classes throughout the city. In 2014 alone our education program has reached 1,469 kids and 267 adults. This fall our education program is expanding in a few key ways. Our adult programming includes a new series of educational rides. What is an educational ride? It’s not quite a class – there’s no sitting around or listening to lectures or doing exercises. Each of our rides is focused on a different topic that’s critical for successful city riding: infrastructure, hill climbing, and transitioning from trails to city streets. Our youth education programming is expanding to include two after school Bike Clubs. Bike Club is a progressive 5-7 week after school program designed to get kids aged eight through fourteen thinking about bicycling for fun, exploration, physical fitness, and transportation. We’re using bicycling as a vehicle to teach team building, community engagement, volunteerism, and awareness of the urban environment. Our education programming is always striving to meet the needs our our community. Being a WABA Member shows your support for our unique programming. Join or Renew your WABA Membership this week to show your support! The first 500 people to join or renew this week will receive a limited edition “I bike. I vote. @ I’m a WABA Member” t-shirts. T-shirts can be picked up on October 17 from 5:30-8:00 PM at Beirgarten Haus on H st. or will be shipped the week after.  

You bike, you vote—are you a WABA Member?

you-bike-you-vote It’s that time of year for WABA: A successful Spring and Summer has passed, Fall is ramping up with rides, classes, and outreach, and our 2014 Membership Drive is here!

Join or renew now!

This year if you are one of the first 500 people to  join WABA or renew your WABA membership you will get a limited edition t-shirt! WABA strives to represent the voice of cyclists in our area with advocacy, outreach, education, and events. This shirt represents our collective voice. This week we will share stories and information about our work and why being a member is essential to the continuation of this work. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday you will find WABA out and about across the region signing up members. On Friday we will celebrate with Biketoberfest at the Biergarten Haus on H St. were those people who joined or renewed can pick up their t-shirt as well. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you this week. Now is a better time than any to join or renew with WABA! Help us spread the word! Change your social media profile picture to the image below during this week. If you frequent a bike room, print out our poster and hang it up!